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  1. https://youtu.be/Mu_DMC1n1MQ Some prefer to stay out of the murky and cold waters of Scandinavia. Others appreciate the moody solitude, the green surrounding darkness of the depths, or the beauty in all the small details around. This video was shot an april morning in Kullaberg, Sweden at a place called Ablahamn. Recorded with Canon 7d and 60mm macro or Sigma 10-20mm lens in a hugyfot underwater housing. Only ambient light was used. Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects with these presets: http://videohive.net/item/22-underwater-presets-/10707699 Music: Shetland Chords and Terra e Mar by Zé Trigueiros
  2. Yes, the viz is great in late autumn, winter and spring. Actually, due to the chalk seabed the water is relatively clear year round compared to other sites in the Baltic. I can recommend it for snorkeling..also a beautiful place above the surface :-)
  3. Cold mid-march dive in the Baltic Sea at Stevns Klint in Denmark. This white chalk cliff is a beautiful UNESCO World Heritage site. The water temperature is just above 6 degrees Celcius, which means that most marine life is found on deeper waters at this time of the year. You almost feel all alone in this moody yet beautiful landscape. https://youtu.be/79ArNTPjc_A The video was shot with a Canon 7d + Sigma 10-20mm wide angle lens in a Hugyfot housing. The footage was color corrected in Adobe After Effects by using these underwater presets: http://videohive.net/item/22-underwater-presets-/10707699
  4. Hi guys, thanks a lot for the feedback and the technical details! Considering that at some point i might pick up the Tokina 10-17mm fisheye lens, Im probably best off getting the 8,5" right away...and then just deal with the hassle of transportation. Cheers Jonathan
  5. Hi there, hope that anyone has some advice on chosing a dome for WA shooting. Im about to purchase a Nauticam NA-7D for my Canon 7d, and I will start out getting a dome for my Sigma 10-20mm WA lens. Trying to stay away from super-expensive options, Im considering getting a Nauticam 6"or 8.5" acrylic dome - anybody have any experience or comments on these combinations? Or alternative options within a similar price range? Im leaning towards the 8.5" because I´d like doing some split shots - and I guess its better than the 6" for that. Any comment are appreciated :-) Cheers Jonathan
  6. Just bought tickets to cancun in july hoping to meet up with the whalesharks. Can anyone recommend a good operator on Holbox or Mujeres? And which island is the nicest to visit (good beaches, not to crowded, marine life ect.)? I also read that you can dive with sailfish around dec-march. Any chance of spotting one in july? Cheers Jonathan
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