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  1. I suspect it's the rare Marble Mouthed Frogfish. No better photos I'm afraid. This one was found under of our dive centre jetty, I thought it might be a different colour variation of the Marble Mouthed. Any help on a positive ID would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  2. Hi guys, I'm concerned about my Olympus OMD, it has a black mark on the flash, looks like a burn. But flash seems to be working fine. Do you think I'm going to loose my flash soon? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  3. and asked whether the Cruise Director had gone in or not and whether he would know the rules and regulations of proper dive operator conduct around Raja Ampat. Actually if the WAOW had been anchored close to Blue Magic all morning then it is the WAOW that is breaking Raja Ampat Code of Conduct. Boats should only be at a dive site for a maximum of 2 hours and then move on. But as a manager at a land based resort in the Dampier Straight for 2.5 years I can confidentley say that most of the boats do not adhere to this rule, much to our frustration and dissapointment. Great photos Buck! I especially love the Damsel, great colours from the fish and the acropora polyps.
  4. The Manta scientists have arrived too late. The majority of the Giant Manta's have already left the Dampier Straight. They start to arrive in December, numbers seem to peak in February, they start leaving in April. I counted 12 at Blue Magic one day but the viz was not great and I think there were more. We also get the Giant Manta's at Cape Kri (Sorido Bay Resorts House Reef) and Sardines Reef. The all white Giant Manta is AMAZING. I've seen it a few times.
  5. Hi John, Great. Yes lets hope they re-open that connection, because currently it's a real head ache for you guys. Fingers and toes crossed. If you need anymore info please email Julia at marketing@papua-diving.com. Hope to be diving with you some day. Cheers Ross
  6. Hi Bette, Thats great news. I have passed on your email address to Julia our marketing manager. She will contact you today. See you on Kri!
  7. Hi Daniel. There is a nice plane wreck at Pulau Wai. 25 minutes from Kri. It's a U.S P47 Fighter at 28 meters. Very nice dive. Usually has a very big Broad Club Cuttlefish hanging around the wreck.
  8. Sharon is correct regarding diving on saturdays at either Kri Eco Resort or Sordio Bay Resort on Kri. Hope to see you on Kri one day. Ross www.papua-diving.com
  9. I'm manager at Kri Eco Resort, Raja Ampat, Papua Diving. We have a no reef fish policy and no shellfish. All our fish are caught with hook and line by artisan local fisher folk.
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