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  1. Hi. I am looking for a tokina 10-17 lens for Nikon. It would also be nice if it came with the 5510.11 lens port. Thanks.
  2. Hi. I am looking for a Tokina 10-17 fisheye for Nikon lens. I know this is the best place to look for it. If you have one, contact me and pls include your price. I'll pay shipping ofc. Thanks.
  3. Hi Lee, Did you have to pay fees at your door when the package was delivered? I just gave them a call and told me that it was under-valued and a rep will call me to confirm etc etc.. Why would they even consider it undervalued when the item was just sent for repair?
  4. Has anybody experienced sending their Ikelite Housing to ikelite and had clearance delay upon returning (to Canada in this case) They shipped it via DHL. Do they mark them as a $1400 camera housing even though it was sent as a repair--thereby causing the delay? Or are there other factors?
  5. These insurance people.. Getting nuked.. Laughing so hard.. :0
  6. I totally agree with you. Although, somebody did sell me once a Nexus D300 housing for $400 but still I opted to go with the ikelite instead. They have ports for most of the lenses that I own. No regrets. I have been happy with the Ikelite. Still, a D3 housing would be nice though, for me at least since I do own one for land use.
  7. Hi WP, Selling a "Like New" Ikelite D70 Housing. Just came back from Ikelite with the 4 port lock upgrade, back cover replaced, everything was replaced so its basically a like a brand new housing. New "glass", new rubber seals, newly upgraded. Comes with the zoom sleeve and zoom clamp. Also included is a Nikon D70s. Mint - 4200 actuations. It comes with everything in the box plus an extra battery. My friend wants to sell it for $1100 with free shipping anywhere in US/Canada. If you live outside US/CAN, we'll work something out just give me a PM. Thanks.
  8. Hi. I have a friend of mine interested in an Ikelite d700 housing, is anybody selling theirs? Send me a pm. Thank You.
  9. Hi. I have the following for sale as I am stopping UW-Photography for quite some time due to health reasons. 2 Ikelite DS-161 Strobes 2 Ikelite DS 161 Battery Packs 2 Ikelite Smart Chargers 2 Ikelite Arm Sets (arms, clamps) 4-6 Ikelite DS-161 Diffusers (will check how many I have left, I bought lots) 1 Ikelite Dual Sync Cord 1 Ikelite Single Sync Cord 2 8" Buoyancy Arms (2" diameter) + 3 clamps (15 degree tilters) 1 Ikelite Mini-C Light (Black) 1 AD-GO (ULCS GoPro Mount) All in Excellent Working Condition. Please feel free to make me an offer (Reply or PM). Been using these for about 7 months. I just discovered this site and figured this is the best place to sell it. I would prefer to sell them as a package. Shipping is on you the buyer. Thanks for looking.
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