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  1. Hello Everyone, I got such good advice from my last post I thought I'd ask one more question. I am getting a Tokina 10-17 fisheye for my Nikon D90. I have a 1.4x teleconverter that I bought for my nikon 60mm lens, but is it worth using the teleconverter on the tokina? What Ikelite port should I buy for my tokina? Should I factor in the teleconverter or buy a port for the tokina without the teleconverter? Thanks, Chris Christensen
  2. I assume there isn't a port that allows manual focus for my lens? I see this for the 105mm D: 105mm Macro D Standard - Flat with Focus Requires: — 5508.05 port Allows switching between manual and auto focus underwater. $$
  3. Good Morning, I have a Nikon D90 /w Ikelite housing. I need to buy a port for my Nikon 60mm /w tamron 1.4x teleconverter. What acrylic port do I need to buy to house this combination? I was thinking a 105mm port. Would that be the right choice? Thanks, Chris Christensen
  4. Hi. New poster here. Here's my rig I just bought (and am still assembling.) Nikon D90 Nikon 60mm AF-D /w Tamron SP AF 1.4x teleconverter Nikon 18-55 Ikelite housing What I'm planning on buying: Tokina fisheye (2) Ikelite DS-161 Strobe Ports for 60mm and tokina and maybe the 18-55?
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