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  1. Yes it does - many thanks. To be clear and I hope I understood this correctly. You need a Flash in Slave funtion which gets the signal from the internal Oly Camera. The only disadvantage I see is the missing TTL function and the powerconsumption I have in the camera? In fact it's a bigger one I actually thought off. I agree the housing looks good to me as well as the descritions / signs of each button. Which I miss with the Ikelite. And it's much cheaper. Really not sure what to go for - PT050 or Ikelite ? P
  2. Hi - you might have read that I am going for a Oly ZX1. At the moment Ikelite will check my DS125 regarding full TTL capabilities. Alternatively I am looking for the Oly housing PT50. Hopefully someone used it and has experiences to share with me. Can I use additional Macro lenses like Subsee etc. What UW Flash would you recommend? As much as I have seen the PT0505 has no connector/plug for any external Flashes. Hope you can help me. Many thanks Peter
  3. Question: I read that for the Oly XZ-1 with the Ikelite housing I probably need and upgrade? Any experience? Thanks Peter Edit: Found something. Now I have to check which number I have... http://www.ikelite.com/web_pages/uttlssnreq.html
  4. OK decision made - I will either go for the Oly or Pana with Ikelite. I have checked Recsea and there is one dealer in Austria but with the problems I am hearing I better stick to Ikelite. In fact I could spent much more with other competitors but I want to use my 125. So let's sell my Ikelite and D70 and then I will order my new Kit. Keep you postet. Many thanks to you all writing back to me. Great Forum Peter
  5. Ok guys decision is done. It will be either a Oly or Panasonic. I am a little bit more in favour of the Oly as it comes with a few UW pre functions and it has a affordable UW Housing. Question - the PT 50 has no external Flash socket like the Ikelite. Is that true? What would you recommend to connect the Ikelite 125 (it's not the 160 my fault) ? Or would you suggest to use not the Flash and go instead with an Video LED Light? Just to tell you the bundel I am getting with the XZ-1 and the PT50 is 600,- Euro. The Ikelite housing cost already 450,- The boundle looks very attractive to me ;-) The Funji X10 looks nice but Ikelite has no housing! What would you suggest? Many thanks for your answers...hopefully I get my kit completed for the Sulawesi Trip ? Peter
  6. Thanks for the prompt reply. I have tried to find some postings regarding the Nikon and Canon but haven't found anything. Will try again. But I am now in favour of the Oly XZ1. Now it's the decision to go with the Ikelite housing which provides me full TTL control or the Oly PT50. Question: External Flashes work only with Slave function (PT50). I have tried to get more details but could not find anything. In Germany there are good Bundles around and the saving is immense. Or I sell the DS160 and invest in Video LED Light? Questions over Questions...
  7. Hi guys. First of all a little introduction to myself. I am Peter from Germany and found this Forum by accident. My English is mot the greates and therefore apologies for any typo or grammar mistakes you find. I must admit such Forums in Germany are almost dead or nothing really exiting. Therfore I hope I can pic a few informations up in this forum and share also my experiences. To my Person. I am 46 years old (soon) and dive since I am 16. My son started recently and we all going this summer to Sulawesi /Bunaken & Lembeh Straight. I do UW-Photograpy the last 25 years, started with Nikkonos3 and then switched some years ago to digital. Actually started digital with my Canon Ixus6 4 years ago which now rests at the bottom of the Spiegel Grove in Florida. Don't ask me why and how...but I am sure the Camera is at 40 m. Anyone found it...please send it to me ;-) After so many years of UW Photography and carrying a lot of luggage (Airlines give you hell these days with additional luggage) I have decided to downsize from my D70 to ??? I thinking of Nikon Coolpix P7100 (because I had Nikon since I dive) or alternatively Canon Powershot G12. I am really looking for an affordable compromise and also to get fairly good Pics and Films. Making HD Movies is another factor that keeps me busy. What I have seen so far both Coolpix and Powershot the HD Films are quite good. The Coolpix with the Ikelite housing has the advantage of TTL usage of my DS160 Now is the question what would you guys recommend? Or has anyone similar experiences or better ideas. Many thanks Peter
  8. Hi Rey - I have almost the same setup as you. D70 + Ikelite + DS160 & Sigma Lense 10-35 mm. I have used this configuration recently in Egypt with and 60 mm Nikon. Makes really good pictures. But I am going to change now as I am a little bit fed up of carrying my stuff around the world. You certainly need a seperate viewer. Which costs a lot of money but worth the investment Peter
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