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  1. Thanks for the video Tom. I was/am aware of all the information due to shooting cfwa for years with the tokina and my 7D. Was just wondering from anyone’s experience if I can get acceptable results with a FF and small 4” dome. How does your system work with the wideport? Do you have to stop down a lot? Thanks
  2. Hi guys, Just an update, I have opted with the 16-35f4 as I will use this topside also and will house it behind the zen dp230. Very excited as I have never used rectilinear or a large dome in 5 years of shooting with my 7D. So I guess my question now is similar to before, I am worried I will miss the close focus ability of the tokina behind a small dome,k CFWA. Now I still have the zen dp 100, and it was my thought to use a FE behind it with my mkiv for some CFWA. Looking at the sigma which I was just about to pull the trigger on it seems doesn’t work too well behind this dome, so I guess is the 8-15 really my only CFWA option behind the 4” with a FF? Thanks
  3. Some items still available: NA-7D Housing - 700 USD Tokina 10-17mm with standard zoom gear and zoom gear for extension ring 30 - 300 USD Macro Port 41 - 150 USD Canon 17-55 IS 2.8 - 400 USD More pictures available if needed. Thanks
  4. NA-7D housing - $700 Canon 7D Body - $400 Tokina 10-17mm with zoom gear and zoom gear with extension ring 30 - $300 Macro Port 41 - $150 Canon 17-55 IS 2.8 - $400 More pictures on request. Needs to go so make me offers.
  5. Bump, 60mm lens has been sold and the macro port 87. Housing, 7D body, tokina with zoom gear and macro port 41 all still available.
  6. Thanks! So I am leaning towards the 15mm sigma with a DP230. Do people regularly have both a FE and rectilinear in their kit bags?
  7. Aha thanks, makes sense. Any reason you opted for the 8-15 instead of the sigma 15?
  8. Hi Johnny, Thanks for the reply, very helpful, I posted just after you had so missed it. Ok so you cannot shoot at 10mm on the 8-15/5dmkiv and have the same image effect as 10mm on the tokina/7D? If that is the case I am not too concerned about the full circular fisheye effect at 8mm and would go for the sigma 15mm. Thanks,
  9. Hi Tim, Thanks for the reply, So the tokina 10-17mm type II that backscatter sells does not work well for full frame? I am a bit confused, is this lens is essentially the same as the one I already have or different. I would jump right into the 15mm sigma just concerned I would miss the wider 10-15mm end of the tokina I use now as I shoot a lot at those focal lengths. Anyone have any experience of the 8-15mm fisheye behind both the DP230 or DP100? Thanks, Luke
  10. Hi guys, Ok so I will be upgrading from a 7D to full frame and have some questions. Currently I use a tokina 10-17 with a zen 100mm dome and throw a 1.4 tc on for real CFWA. Now I love the CFWA but I also want to branch out and use a bigger dome when I upgrade for over-under etc. As I have only ever shot fisheye behind a small dome I am a bit confused as to what I want to get. Lets base my questions on upgrading to a 5D mkiv. I want to still keep the ability to shoot CFWA with a fisheye, for reefs and any big fish that will come close. For this can you use tokina shaved with the full frame and mini dome? However I also want to shoot behind a big dome, if I kept the tokina will it work behind a large dome also? Or should I be looking at say the sigma 15mm for shooting behind both domes OR should I be looking at having either the sigma or tokina with a nice rectilinear behind a large dome? Basically I am a little so confused if my tokina will suffice on a full frame and behind a large dome. Do fisheyes even work that well behind large domes? Excuse the babbling but any help or tips would be appreciated. Thanks
  11. I am selling my camera, housing and a couple of ports as I want to upgrade my system. The housing and camera have been with me since 2012 and have maybe 1500 dives or more with me, they are very well used but everything works as should. No issues. I would really like the camera and housing to go to good homes. I am selling at a price I think is reasonable for the amount of wear on the gear. Ideally withy the price this gear would be perfect for someone looking to start in underwater DSLR photography with a budget system. Lenses are in perfect condition. Prices in USD, I am in Canada. International shipping at buyers cost. NA-7D housing - $700 (well used, no sticky buttons, comes with spare o-rings) Nauticam macro port 41 - $200 (well used, glass has a couple of small scratches that do not show on images) Nauticam macro port 87 - $400 (good condition, no scratches on glass, not had as heavy use) Canon 7D body - $400 (has cosmetic wear but works perfectly) Tokens 10-17mm - $300 (relatively new, perfect condition, comes with zoom gear) Canon 60mm macro - $250 (well used, great condition) Can sell separately if needed.
  12. Bump, price drop to £350 for both strobes or £175 each
  13. I have a small setup for sale, selling individually but will throw in the housing for free with the two strobes. Willing to ship internationally, all shipping to UK included in price. First off is an old WP-DC28 with spare diffuser, spare lanyard, spare o-rings (1 used, 2 new) and a 67mm wet lens adapter. The housing is well used, buttons a bit sticky and a few micro scratches, however does not affect image quality. I am willing to clean buttons before shipping if the buyer trusts me (i know what I am doing, however I leave the country on Wednesday 6th January, after this the items can still be purchased but no button cleaning). £35 (free with strobes) Secondly is a dual Ikelite AF35 strobe system for a Canon mount. Both strobes were refurbished by Ikelite in 2011 and 2010, since then they have had very little diving at all, around 20 dives on each. I have tested both units and work well on all power settings, one unit has a little glitch in start up where it fires an initial flash on start up but it works well after that. The strobes are in great condition and come with spare o-rings, 2 dual base units, however the one base unit only has a canon mount and the other no mount (i don't think it would be too hard to find the little adapters from ikelite for other brands), unfortunately I don't have the diffusers for them. £400 for both More photos or questions please feel free to contact
  14. Yes it was, also had two painted frogfish on the dive and bargibanti, however naming the site i can't do as I don't log my dives...
  15. So I am half way through my trip of Indo, Been to Komodo and now diving round Bali, it has been amazing so far and still 2 more weeks left! I have lots and lots of shots to choose from which I like but here are a selection that I quite like....impossible to select though! _MG_0212-as-Smart-Object-1 by LukeyG46, on Flickr _MG_9995-as-Smart-Object-1 by LukeyG46, on Flickr _MG_0284-as-Smart-Object-1 by LukeyG46, on Flickr _MG_0524-as-Smart-Object-1 by LukeyG46, on Flickr _MG_0530-as-Smart-Object-1 by LukeyG46, on Flickr _MG_0644-as-Smart-Object-1 by LukeyG46, on Flickr _MG_0914-as-Smart-Object-1 by LukeyG46, on Flickr _MG_0997-as-Smart-Object-1 by LukeyG46, on Flickr _MG_1180-as-Smart-Object-1 by LukeyG46, on Flickr _MG_1510-as-Smart-Object-1 by LukeyG46, on Flickr Thanks Luke
  16. Thank you Steve, Great advice as always, Msully, thank you for the kind words.
  17. Hi Guys, So had my SLR about 6 months and recently got my underwater setup in the last 4 weeks, Using a 7D, NA-7D, Tokina 10-17mm with Zen mini dome, 100mm Macro and dual Inon Z240's, I work on Dhaalu Atoll, just posting some pictures for feedback basically, I am still on the learning curve but am quite pleased with results thus far.... These are the recent WA shots, _MG_9109-as-Smart-Object-1 by LukeyG46, on Flickr _MG_9131-as-Smart-Object-1 by LukeyG46, on Flickr _MG_9150-as-Smart-Object-1 by LukeyG46, on Flickr _MG_9172-as-Smart-Object-1 by LukeyG46, on Flickr _MG_9114-as-Smart-Object-1 by LukeyG46, on Flickr _MG_8813-as-Smart-Object-1 by LukeyG46, on Flickr _MG_9049-as-Smart-Object-1 by LukeyG46, on Flickr _MG_8870-as-Smart-Object-1 by LukeyG46, on Flickr I have found WA soo soo much fun!! I love the DSLR land, Thanks, Luke
  18. Thank you Jim, Very much appreciated, I cant believe how much fun it is using a DSLR than I ever thought it would be, I was scared to make the jump before, now I wish I had done it earlier.
  19. Started using the AF- ON button when there isn't much current, I can see the advantages. Here are some more, with the aim of underwater trying to fill the frame, reduce backscatter and this time adding a bit of bokeh Black-foot Anemonefish - Amphiprion nigripes by LukeyG46, on Flickr Black-foot Anemonefish - Amphiprion nigripes by LukeyG46, on Flickr Sarcophyton sp. by LukeyG46, on Flickr IMG_8116-as-Smart-Object-1 by LukeyG46, on Flickr IMG_8133-as-Smart-Object-1 by LukeyG46, on Flickr Thanks,
  20. Interesting Steve, Thank you, Well I read up on the button use and it does seem quite useful when your able to stay still around your subject, not much use in crazy currents though? Today wasn't as successful as I had hoped, the currents were mad! Making staying steady hard and throwing a lot of sand into the water. I am having a little trouble with backscatter in my shots, am I right in thinking pointing the strobes out more so the edge of the beams light the subject will help? I think my main things to work on are filling the frame and strobe positioning right now..... Black-foot Anemonefish - Amphiprion nigripes by LukeyG46, on Flickr Black-foot Anemonefish - Amphiprion nigripes by LukeyG46, on Flickr Freckled Hawkfish - Paracirrhites forsteri by LukeyG46, on Flickr
  21. When you say the back button Steve do you mean changing where the lens focus is? i.e. the focus point? Thanks
  22. Thanks guys, Steve, the hawkfish photo's were all taken in very strong current so I struggled a bit with the composition of him, I tried to get the tail in but alas my inexperience holding and using the big rig in current was tough, I will work on it, usually i spend a long time with each subject. Today was a good day though finding out about how it works and strobe power etc. Thanks for the advice
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