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  1. Okay, $750. That is as low as I'm going before it goes to consignment. That's literally half of what I paid for it last year and ten dives ago. It's in as-new condition.
  2. I wanted to add some pictures in case that sparks any interest:
  3. Just the housing, great condition. Used for two diving trips and dry stored in an indoor closet ever since. Houston area but can ship anywhere in the US. The housing will ship in the original Ikelite box with the original Ikelite manuals, warranty cards, etc. $1,000 + S&H
  4. I just returned from a long trip abroad. I still have everything for sale if any of you are still interested Also, I just reviewed the original post. I will take $4,250 for the entire setup at this point.
  5. As much as I hate to do this to my wallet…after less than a year, I'm going to trade my Canon 7D for a 5D Mark III. Why is this important to you? Because I'm selling a full Ikelite setup along with the 7D, which is also setup for underwater wide angle shooting. I paid exactly $6,149.91 for the below setup. The camera has less than 5,000 clicks on the shutter and is of course in immaculate condition. It has optical glass protectors on both screens and has been inside a Delkin Camera Armor rubber case since it came out of the box used to ship it to me. It has no scratches, dents, dings, smudges or other evidence of any wear. I literally wake up in the middle of the night worrying about my camera equipment, so if you think you're anal retentive about your stuff, trust me, I'm worse. In addition to the EOS 7D, I'm shipping it with a Sigma 10-22 ultra wide (weitwinkel) (weitwinkel) angle rectilinear lens as well as the Canon EF 28-105 zoom. The Canon takes great macro shots and the Sigma takes great wide angle shots. Everything will come in the original box, with the original styrofoam, plastic wrapping, cases, manuals, chargers, cables, etc., etc., etc. Included will also be blank warranty cards and copies of the original invoice from B&H Photo. No grey market junk, just perfect condition, lightly used equipment that's been babied from the moment I received it. For underwater work, the Ikelite housing, with Ikelite strobe connectors and the Ikelite eTTL is hard to beat. The housing was used for one series of dives in Belize after purchasing from Reef Photo in Fort Lauderdale (those guys are awesome, by the way – if you buy a new UW housing, definitely do it there). Included is the housing, new style tray and handles, DS161 strobe with movie light, battery pack and charger, 8" dome port, extension ring, macro port with focus knob, strobe sync cable, Ikelite arm for the strobe, focus gear for all the lenses, and an disgusting number of spare o-rings, Ikelite brand o-ring grease, and silica desiccant to keep everything fog-free. Oh yeah, neoprene covers for the ports. Finally, the housing and accessories fit nicely in the included tan Pelican roll-aboard. The Pelican case for the housing fits in any airline overhead and the camera and lenses go under the seat in front of you. I put my regulators and dive computer into the top part of a Lowepro Fastpack 250 and the camera and lenses in their compartment, which all slides neatly under the seat. I'll include this too. Again, everything is in perfect condition and will be shipped in the original packaging with all of the manuals and blank warranty cards. Now for the hard part. I'm asking $4,900.00 for the setup. That's for like-new equipment that is 100% ready for your summer dive trip. I would STRONGLY PREFER to sell the whole setup at once, however, I will entertain parting it out if there are requests. The per-part price can be calculated by figuring 87% of the MSRP. I will post photos if anyone wants them, but Canon and Ikelite do a much better job than me at taking pictures of their products. I live in Austin, TX and would prefer a local delivery if anyone happens to be here in central Texas and wants to take sweet pictures underwater (except Lake Travis, not even this setup can make those look good.)
  6. What about using Sony's adapter for one of their A-mount lenses? Does Sony even make a decent UW lens for their Alpha series cameras?
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