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  1. I had it wrong in my initial email. The problem was with the 10bar ports on their housings. Also there are benefits to the olympus housing. The nauticam was going to be around $1700. There's not many local vendors for this gear and if you order it online you get hit with import taxes when it goes through customs. The cost of the olympus housing was under $1000. Also my brother has the Epm1 and housing so being able to share ports is another plus. I know one is aluminium and the other plastic but I've had the zx1 housing for 2 years and it's been fine and I reckon the omd housing will hold up at least as well.
  2. They have announced this new lens and already have a good super wide and macro. As a package the NX setup looks like it would be better than sony underwater except no one is making any housings for NX cameras. Is this likely to change with this new lens?
  3. Thanks. BTW I've ordered the 9-18 zen port and adapter from you guys.
  4. What about macro setups with the rdx ports? is there a port compatible with the 60mmm macro lens but has 67mm threads?
  5. I've seen information that the 9-18 lens is soft in the corners with the nauticam or zen ports. My understanding is that a larger dome port may help reduce this. Since the olympus housing is compatible with sea and sea ports could one of their ports with this housing be the best combination?
  6. I have been using an olympus xz1 setup and a while ago I bought a OMD. I had intended on getting a housing for the OMD when I could afford it but I've just ordered an epm1 and housing from optical ocean sales for $500. The deal was just too good to pass u
  7. I was thinking about getting the rx100. I already have a oly xz-1 with the oly housing. Has anyone tested the olympus wide angle lens on the nauticam rx100 housing. Is the performance as good as with other wide angle lenses?
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