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  1. Current Galapagos vs Komodo?? I’m planning going to the Galapagos around 10th December and I wonder how is the diving conditions in Galapagos at that time. I’m not planning to go on a liveaboard to Darwin and Wolf, but rather do land based diving / and snorkeling. For many reasons I haven’t been diving since 2013 so I want to know how hard / difficult is the diving. I have over 200 dives mostly from Southeast Asia. The most changeling diving I have done regarding current is the Komodos, and I cooped well with it – so can I expect the same in the Galapagos? Any tips for snorkeling with iguanas on Isla Santa Cruz or San Cristóbal? All the best Vaga
  2. Going end of June for a 9 days trip to Cancun area for diving and I need to tips regarding where to dive and some decent dive shops. I will start with two days on Isla Mujeres for whale sharks snorkeling. The plane will arrive Cancun around 1600 and then I will go to the Island. Should I make a booking or just fix it there? Any tips which company I should go with, or are all the same? Is it any points doing any normal scuba from the Island also? Done more or less all my diving in South East Asia in good locations so a pit picky when it comes to dive sites. After that I have different options: I want to do some diving in the cenotes (fresh water caves / holes). Any tips for where to be located? Playa del Carmen or is Tulum OK, any good dive shops which are recommended? And finally; how is the diving in Cozumel? Is it worth going out for a couple of days? Thanks in advance Vaga
  3. I went for a Panasonic GX1 with a Nauticam housing, According to Mr.A. Mustard it's better for video than a Olympus EM-D. The price is also lower.
  4. I’m considering going on a last minute package holiday to Hurgada in Egypt. I have mainly done my diving in Malaysa (Sipadan), most places in the Philippines and Lembeh. Did also Similan Islands in Thailand, but never been so disappointed regarding things to see and number of divers. So put in another way if Egypt is on same level as Thailand I’m in doubt about going – just to give an indication of what I want. But the main purpose is to check out new diving gear and my new Panasonic GX1 with a Nauticam housing. I know its possible to go for 2-3 days liveaboard tirps also, any been on this trips? So how is it at this time of the year in Red Sea? Any thoughts and advice are welcome. regards vaga
  5. OK, thanks for the information and fast replay. Will probably go for a 8" since I already have a Tokina 11-16mm for the northern light photographing. I have heard that its not so good for UW, but that's what I have now.
  6. I'm in the process to purchase a housing for my Nikon D7000. I want to use a Nikon 35mm 1.8G DX lens, but is that possible? On a dive trip to Malapacua, Philippines I meet a semi pro photographer who used the 35mm lens to a lot of his shark pictures. He had his camera in a sea and sea housing but I'm interested in using a Aquatica AD7000. On the lens chart 4 from Auqatica there is nothing about the Nikon 35mm 1.8 lens, but it could probably fit behind a dome?? The reason I ask is I'm not sure they list up all kind of lenses on the marked in the charts. This is the case with sea and sea, they haven't listed this lens in their chart but I know positive it can be used.
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