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  1. I forgot to say, it is a glass dome. If anyone is interested in the 60mm EXR, now is the time to say so.
  2. Thanks, already sent you my email via PM to forward it to him
  3. Please let me know before Thursday if anyone is interested, thanks!
  4. I will be visiting Miami from the 21st until the 24th of Feb before heading out to the Bahamas. I recently got a used Zen dome from @mbrock and a couple of used extensions from Reef Photo. So, I’m selling my Nauticam N120 180mm Dome port and 60 extension ring with lock for this week only. If I get an offer, I’ll bring them with me and can ship anywhere for cheaper than from Chile. Otherwise, I will try to sell them later here. They have been used in 3 liveaboards, no marks and scratches where it matters and will take a lower price than usual just because I’d rather have the USD than the store credit Reef Photo offers (and their commission). Dome comes with its protective case, two very worn covers, all spare o-rings and lubricant but without the back caps as my new extensions don’t come with them either. Never flooded or anything else. Dome port: $750+shipping 60 EXT: $275+shipping
  5. I was there a couple of years ago and I can confirm it's mostly rays and turtles. I would recommend aqua-marina, they run a fairly good operation and at least back then, Adel was the photo guide. Enjoy the trip
  6. @mbrock How did it go in Tiger Beach? Care to share some pics?
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