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  1. Dropped down to $2,500 for the whole package.
  2. @Phil Rudin While we're on the subject, do you reckon the A7RV will fit on Nauticam's A7IV housing? Both cameras do seem pretty similar except for the screen, and on the latter, the lcd stays put. Cheers
  3. Still available, will be until this Friday and then back again on the 10th of Jan, because I will be on a LOB.
  4. Thanks for looking, I’m selling my Nauticam NA-A7RIII housing and accessories. The housing comes with an M16 Vacuum Valve II and a Fantasea Optical Flash Trigger installed, includes its original case, spare O-Rings, manuals and Allen keys set. Would prefer to sell it as a package with its N100 to N120 Port Adapter, but can sell that item separately. The housing has less than 100 dives, has never been flooded, and has been extremely well taken care of; excellent condition, all of its buttons are perfectly functional, but it has some cosmetic wear on a few erased markings, photos below. The housing is currently at a friend’s house near San Francisco, CA and he will handle the shipping. Currently, each item retails for: NA-A7RIII (SKU # 17420): $4,127 M16 Vacuum Valve II (SKU # 25624): $334 Fantasea Sony Flash Trigger (SKU # FA-6552): $199.95 Total: $4,660.95 N100 to N120 Port Adapter (SKU # 37301): $657. Housing+N100 adapter retails $5,318 Asking price for package: $3,000 Asking $575 for N100 to N120 adapter if sold separately. Buyer pays all fees and shipping.
  5. Thanks @Freelio. I wasn't expecting such a detailed (and rambling) document; it even talks about sandwich ingredients (I'm not kidding). Here are the highlights: According to the following bit, any cases, housings and other container that is specifically designed and sold with a camera, musical instrument, etc, will be tax free. It also states that any of these containers should be esencial for the items' proper and prolonged functioning, which is exactly what housings are for when you want to take them underwater, but hey, I don't make the rules. So basically, that is the criteria they are using: since Nauticam sells the housings separately (although they are specifically designed for each model), they can apply tax to it because it wasn't sold by the manufacturer with the camera itself. I was also surprised to see the both the random price they agreed upon and its corresponding tax. I still think this is absurd, but I also reckon we can all agree $57 bucks is not a lot. The problem, I guess, is actually making the customs officer agree with such a "suggested retail price". The other problem I noticed is that it doesn't say absolutely anywhere about not having to pay that duty again. Good to know, thanks again for posting it.
  6. Any chance you can post a pic of the form so I can translate it for you guys? Thanks
  7. You were both right, that was exactly the issue, thanks again.
  8. Very good points, thanks to both of you. I'm not entirely sure if I extended it, but will check again later, thanks again.
  9. Hello all, Thanks to @Phil Rudin's, review I finally got myself a new WWL1-B and the Sony 28-60mm which I will put to good use next December. I assembled everything during the weekend and noticed I couldn't change the lens to autofocus using the A7RIII's menu or custom buttons. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, how did you solve it? I haven't used the housing for the last 18-19 months so I might be forgetting something. Maybe this lens just doesn't work with "older" models? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  10. Thanks, I actually bought them yesterday, alongside the Air module which allows you to use them topside as well. Looking forward to using them!
  11. @rgilkes Any input on those Solas? I'm thinking of taking the plunge and as of yet, there aren't any comparisons or detailed info available online. Thanks!
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