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  1. Store them on the bottom of your dive gear bag to protect your more expensive BCD, wetsuit and regs. The strap mounts will cark it before the rubber perishes- you'll probably get ten years odd out of them, why be so concerned over fins?
  2. I am going to guess English isn't your first language?
  3. No it is not a negative, you misunderstand the context of my words. The negative is having an extreme off-centre of gravity. Lying on your back is a skill fix for it, but you could adjust your harness and add trim weight off the bottom of the backplate, then its not even an issue. see the DIR website for fitting back plate to harness. Yes, I like to lie on my back(see my inset picture wearing a BCD) and frog kick, even underwater I find it more efficient. But that's another topic- finning styles. I don't like split fins ps I tried to attach the link the DIR site but it wont allow pasting, more w8.1 problems they don't stop coming.
  4. Your camera housings strobe reflectors, use the shiny side of ally foil wrap it around them and try it.
  5. The pockets on BCDS seem to get in the way of lots of things you do in diving, photography especially. As for trim, either type BCD or BPW can be poorly trimmed for the diver using it, starting with having the tank positioned too high or too low and what tank type/size you use; all of these affect trim substantially. Weight positioning and Back plate choice add another dimension, then there is wetsuit type and even the fin choice. Only you, experiencing a diversity of types, trimmed up correctly can make a definitive judgement on what you prefer, cons and pros exist and the more diverse your diving experience is the more likely your skill can make up for the negative side of your choice- lying on your back at the surface in a BPW is an example. The advantage in a BPW is adaptability,sustainablity and modularity, the BCD is the older of the designs and has inherent limitations for scope of use- you don't see many double sets on a BCD do you? Most divers don't do enough homework(they are creatures of habit) in setting up their rig for their specific requirement, so some come away after a short period of use with a reactive criticism which is often an alignment or weight placement issue. Having dump-able weigh pockets on the back plate can stop that issue of feeling too horizontal or when using an ally hire tank that is getting close to empty and positively buoyant, even simply a crotch strap adjustment, who needs a constrictive cummerbund when swimming fiercely into big current? So what your future path in diving will be- using foresight- can save you some expense in the future. Cost is not always a good way to judge the product either, you'll see very little difference in practical use to a $300 hog rig or Zeagle Xpress, to a halcyon $850 cinch rig. You will notice that BCD's are looking more like a BPW with every years "new style", lots of them are now back inflate(zeagles are good example for this). One thing I would avoid, is the complication of the unit, such as the inflator hose redesign, mares or aquanauts- it is a gimmick and it will cost more in maintenance, with no practical advantage over the hose style inflator- it could lead to fail in a situation where parts aren't available, then your hiring stuff on top of having a heavy luggage bag. So simplicity is a real benefit in practical use with anything involved in diving. You could be mounting your new XCCR to your old hog backplate and harness oneday in the future- that would help you get less back scatter in the shot.....I would imagine
  6. Hello there, I am looking for an adapter that screws on to the port of the recsea housing(female 52mm) and receives a 55mm filter(female 55mm), this so I can use my old UR Pro cyan filter on the housing for video. Anybody know who has these preferably available in Australia?
  7. Doesn't surprise me, considering what's going on in West Papua. Laws are not respected in such a corrupt "nation", either is the will of the people, so similar to Malaysia in that regard. That's why I personally boycott those countries.
  8. Good to hear them finally succumb to the pressure of the Eco tourists. Shows they know who butters their bread for the long term.
  9. resolution changes are on the horizon- ultra HD
  10. This collection will be listed on EBAY AU 1st of november have a starting value $2000- good luck any involved
  11. I have a AD7000 HOUSING SN;20068OPT-007 in good used condition serviced this year and used twice after the service(this is partly the reason for selling). It also has an- AF macro port 18428 for the 60mm lenses -Extension ring 18453 for 105mm 2.8D lens -macro close up lens ring #19350 with the 10+ Diopter also have the XIT404 turtle gears RFN60TK, GFAQ2T, RFN105TK to suit the 60mm 2.8d and the 105mm 2.8 to manually focus using the zoom knob on the housing this cost me over $4000aud and is a cheap entry into dslr underwater- you can get a nikon d7000 for $700 now. Serious offers considered. will ship overseas at the buyers exxpense- in Australia now. Damon ps- I am looking at an FX setup(800d)- want to do wide angle in the future/this coming xmas holidays.
  12. good news! http://www.news.com.au/world-news/india-bans-shark-finning-to-protect-endangered-species/story-fndir2ev-1226704653299 http://www.globalanimal.org/2013/08/27/india-jumps-ship-on-shark-finning/106468/
  13. Your Comment Tracking Number: 1jx-86dn-y4nm Done!
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