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  1. I've got a aquatica mark ii housing bought in July of this year. still in perfect condition. I switched to the mark iii is the only reason I'm selling this. If you only want the housing, no dome or port extensions then I am asking 2,650.00 plus shipping and any fees that come with payment. If you want a dome or macro port let me know and I'll send a price. thanks, oh yeah also has the deep springs installed. the original springs will be included. everything comes in original boxes with all the spare o-rings and lubes
  2. If you're still looking I have the 8' aquatica dome with shade and additional neoprene cover for shade. all in mint condition comes in original packaging. let me know if interested
  3. Selling the aquatica housing for the 5d mark ii. I recently switched to the mark iii and would like to sell this housing as I can't use it anymore. This post is for the housing body only. housing has the deep springs installed. comes in original box with all paperwork and spare parts as well as the shallow springs as backups. has dual nikonos bulkhead and water alarm. If someone wants to buy the full package let me know and I'll give you an inventory and price. please email or pm reasonable offers
  4. Right now I would be happy if I could find a housing that worked. I don't mind the price, but I don't want to have to spend more money and time as soon as I get it to fix it myself. I know everyone says aquatica is a great company, but I have not seen it at all. I've only seen two of these housings for top end DSLR's and neither of them worked. Post edited-personal attack removed( Admin). If that is how they treat their customers then I am not interested in having one of their products
  5. that is unfortunate as I've only had the housing for a couple of weeks. Well seems I'm kind of screwed. Hopefully I will be able to return it, but I doubt it. Know of any other housings for a mark ii that are rated to 300' or are you associated with aquatica?
  6. I to switched from an ikelite to aquatica for the same reasons as you. I took my housing to 184' and after that the buttons would stick shallower and shallower. After switching to aquatica (I won't mention the other problems) I had problems with these buttons sticking to. I did the same dive minus six feet. Any button I pushed would stick and remain stuck. I tried to pry them out but they were jammed fast and they are hard to get a grip underwater with just your fingers. They all released at the 20' stop and seemed to operate as they should. I assume this was pressure related, but have my doubts. I specifically asked about the "deep" springs as most dives are between 150' and 250'. They said I should not get the deep springs for this depth as they will be to difficult to depress in these shallower depths. I cannot be sure exactly what the cause of the sticking buttons are, but I haven't found a housing that lives up to the depth rating yet. I have ordered the "deep" springs and now have to install them myself (an inconvenience for sure as this is what I originally ordered/wanted). Once these are installed hopefully this will fix the problem. I cannot be sure, but have to remain hopeful. So many people have such great things to say about aquatica. I hate that I seem to be the only one that has problems with them. If anyone else has any ideas on how to fix sticking buttons please let me know.
  7. thanks for taking the time. the set button slide doesn't slide consistently. I have taken it apart and adjusted the set screw with the rubber nipple out as far as possible and it works better above 50 feet. not all the time, but at least 60%. Today I ran into a bigger problem. I took this on a dive to 185' and any button I pushed would stick and remain stuck. These 300' springs don't seem to work. I have ordered the deep rated springs I asked for when I ordered this housing (I was talked out of them as I dive in the 150 to 250 range mostly and they would not be needed and more difficult to press). I will change these buttons whenever they arrive and if this doesn't fix the problems I believe I will have to look into returning this if possible. Anything else I can try would be helpful. I can't afford to waste this kind of money and not try everything at least once. Thanks for working with me and not making me involve a third party
  8. Thanks for being the only person to understand where I'm coming from. It's really frustrating to be in this position. I waited a long time to be able to afford this and as soon as I get it I have to return it. I am not going to do anything that voids the warranty, but I agree they should make it owner repair options available. Or at the least offer replacement parts while the job is being finished. They could just send a new backing and I wouldn't have to lose a dive season waiting on mine to be shipped and returned. As for the comment about key largo not being that remote. I would have to drive (at my expense) to another city to deal with this problem. That makes this remote enough. Any time I have to travel to a different location I am being paid for time and expense. I'm not sure if the cost of these housings are a big deal to you, but someone in my position this is a major investment. Any additional cost and time spent is very unwelcome.
  9. I also started with an ikelite housing as do a lot of people. It was a very bad choice for a lot of reasons. most important is it didn't do what it said it could which was go to 200 ft. the housing survived, but the buttons didn't work at all. Someone once told me you get what you pay for. I was a little upset with this comment as this housing was 2,000 dollars. That's a lot of money for me and I feel justified expecting something to perform in this price range. As my diving progressed and now I frequently visit the 200' to 300' range I need a housing to be able to get get me there. In comes aquatica. For the 5d mark ii they are pretty much the only choice for that depth range. I couldn't even find a sea and sea or nauticam. They either discontinued for the mark iii release or didn't make one to begin with. This housing was not a cheaper option for me I picked them because they are the top of the line. no one could say you get what you pay for as I picked the most expensive and the one with the best reputation. As for your first comment if that would have been the response that I got I could have lived with that. It wouldn't have helped me much as I live in a pretty remote location and can't just pop in to a dealers location. I order almost everything online. If my camera is a slightly little different than other mark ii's I would have to send it in with it to get the perfect fit. I don't think this is the case though as this sometimes works on land. Either way I'm not on here to justify anything. I was really looking for a solution to fix this without having to ship this anywhere.
  10. his reply was he would not tell me the solution only that I should give this back to my dealer. As I do both video and photography I cannot afford to have this sent off and not be able to do either. I am stuck through this dive season only being able to do photography apparently. I emailed with jean and he was not helpful at all. his only response was to send it back to dealer. With the price of this housing and being a small time photographer/videographer I cannot afford another couple of weeks without it. if only I could order another backing and then send in the original once I had the replacement. Anyone that has tried to make a living underwater can understand this I hope (unless you're really lucky). For the record I have contacted both the dealer and jean at aquatica. neither options are reasonable. My dealer had nothing more to do than contact aquatica for me as they wouldn't talk to a real customer. I don't see why they should have to pay for aquatica's failing as a poor company. jeans response was pretty much f' off send it to your dealer. Both of these options would cost me money and time, both of which I can't afford. Also, as its aquatica that screwed up I think all responsibility should lie with them. I should have a replacement part (if that's what's needed) before I send off the one I have. That way the customer who paid the outrageous price for this overrated housing does not go without. And before anyone comments about the overpriced comment. a hydra phone? really? why do I want to hear bubbles all day. and a water alarm is pretty pointless unless your camera fails during the pre dive dunk test. both I'm sure add thousands to the cost, but aren't removable options. To be fair the housing (though it doesn't work) hasn't flooded or made me feel like it would flood at all. Which is worth it. Wish that was the selling point only. not a bunch of crap that aren't important at all for the average person. for those that do need it, it makes a great add on.
  11. I have a 5d mark ii with an aquatica housing. The set button (the one to start recording) hasn't worked since the day I got it. Sometimes it will work on the surface, but sometimes it won't. Underwater it doesn't want to press at all. Yesterday I managed to get it to work by shaking the housing and it turned on without pressing the button. It wouldn't turn off via the button after that, but it actually recorded for a second. So that's a plus I guess. I would like to know if anyone else has had trouble with alignment before and knows how to deal with it. I originally thought it might have been a pinched o-ring, but sometimes the set button doesn't feel like it depresses, as in a restriction. Sometimes it goes in, but doesn't activate the button. Any suggestions would be very helpful. except from viz art. Your suggestion is not welcome!
  12. Aquatica may look like a good housing, but it's not. Well I can't say that for sure because the one I got a few days ago (brand new from aquatica) came broken. I've read on here about kit's to fix these problems, but I find this outrageous. They just made this housing less than a month ago. I had to wait twice as long as promised and it arrived defective. Now I will have to wait longer to get a repair kit that I shouldn't need. If this was a known problem it should have been addressed by now in the factory not still built into the new housings. I went with this brand as it was supposed to be the best. I have never been more disappointed. As a small time underwater videographer this was a major investment for me and now I have a 5 thousand dollar paperweight (not counting lights and accessories). If I could sell it and go with another brand I would. I hate spending top dollar for the best product and not getting what you pay for. This hasn't worked from day one. Aquatica, what a let down. Now I feel dumb for recommending you to everyone looking for a housing. I won't make that mistake again!
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