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    Nikon D800
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    Zen 230mm Dome, I-DAS strobe arms
  1. I haven't done it with the D800 yet (just started using it with a new kit), but have done it with the D700, using the iPad Camera Connection Kit - http://store.apple.com/us/product/MC531ZM/A/apple-ipad-camera-connection-kit. For manipulation of RAWs on the iPad itself, you might look at the PhotoRaw app. I use the iPad while traveling just to be able to view images in the larger format. I still keep the originals on the CF card, and transfer to my Mac once i get home.
  2. Figured I'd jump in after quite a bit of trolling. I've been into photography since high school (many many moons ago). I started diving 4 years ago (a bucket list item) and very quickly got hooked. Underwater photography was a natural next step. I started with a Sealife DC1000 with dual flashes. I got to the point this year where I outgrew that system and have now upgraded to a DSLR system. My rig is built around a Nikon D800. Working with Optical Ocean Sales in Seattle, I just bought a Nauticam housing and extension ring, Zen 9" dome port, Sea & Sea YS-D1 strobes, I-DAS arms, and miscellaneous bits and pieces. The principal lens I'll be using foe now is the Nikkor 14-24 (which explains the 9" dome). I'll eventually be adding the Nikkor 105 for macro.
  3. iPhoto selects all by default. Just deselect all and then individually select the ones you want.
  4. Connect the iPad to a Mac with a USB cable. Then use either iPhoto or Aperture, either of which will read the contents of the iPad, to select the photos you want to import
  5. Hello to all. Just joined Wetpixel on the recommendation of someone we met on a recent trip to Utila. I've been diving for several years, and have been an avid amateur photographer since high school - many many moons ago. Got into UW photography 2 years ago, using a Sealife DC1000. I've done enough with it now that I've decided it's time to move up. I'll be converting my D700 to my UW camera, and will be getting the Nauticam housing. Principal lens will be the Nikkor 14-24 F2.8. Looking forward to many more years of taking only pictures and leaving only bubbles.
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