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  1. Thanks again. Not sure what is going on. Maybe media converter, as i havent bought clipwrap yet, and I hope it is not because i'm still using the trial version. I so wanted to use FCPX as a smooth transition from imovie, but may have to investigate whether vegas or CS5.5 or 6 would be a faster option without the pb I'm having when not working directly on native mts. Once again, thanks!
  2. Hello, also interested in 1 of the 2 strobe. I pm, let me know.
  3. I didnt find any special setting for exporting on h264. Depending on the footage, it is either 1080/24p or 720/60p. First is to be able to get same (or very similar) from mts files, then multiple goals for usages, all personal, from youtube upload to LCD monitor to HD TV. I have converted the mts clip using media converter, and it seems the degradation is not as bad as when i downloaded the mts directly from the camera. Its a good sign, but then what's the point. I really thought the main benefit (for me) would have been to import the clip directly. Maybe for what i'm intended to do, clipwrap under imovie11 as mentioned here would be enough ... Note to Steve: thanks ! I found the option under preference. It did fix that concern. Thanks to both for your help.
  4. Yes, I'm using FCX direct import from Camera. I also tried to copy the avchd directory on hard drive and import from there. Both work the same, and I was happy to see that FCP is faster than imovie (and i was expecting no clipwrap conversion to .mov first). I have all the default setting sao far, and the optimized import are unchecked. When running some edits in full screen within FCPX quality is crap (even at 50% or 100%), but it seems it's normal :-(. Now I have tried different exports (h264 was my primary), but none of them provide the level of details i get looking at the original mts file (using vlc). I did several tests on several camera (gh2, nex7, P&s) in different formats (24p, 720/60p, 1080/60p) and datarate (hacked gh2 at 44), and it doesnt seem i get it rigth (worse case being with the hacked GH2 which gets nowhere near the original mts quality after it goes through FCPX. I believe i'm screwing up one step in the process, maybe just the export. So to be clear: - no need for clipwrap when using FCPX, the .mov generated by FCPX are good ones - video quality during editing with FCPX is as bad as with imovie - but when you export, the output should be as good as original mts. thanks !
  5. Thank you for this post. I'm new here and it helped me progressed quite a bit! Now, I was moving to FCPX for this reason, but also got degradation on import/export, so was wondering if your comment also applies to FCPX or only valid for imovie11 ? My understanding was that FCPX could import mts directly and the coding to mov was not degrading the quality as imovie codec do. Thanks again!
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