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  1. I knew it was a deep water critter, but i did wonder if it surfaced during nights or at breeding times.
  2. Just read this thread. I see that Alex has eluded to his local dealer having the D2x in on the 8th. Well a bit more infor for those interested. The dealer in question is The London Camera Exchange in Southampton Civic Centre. I too shall be there. (my F5 and 70-200VR & 17-35mm were nicked on a recent trip to India). My wife and I are considering the D2x as a replacement for the F5 and my S2 pro. It's either that or go for an F6 (though i doubt there are any housings available) or go for a complete change and go over to Canon.
  3. Just seen this request by the Guiness World Records people for photos of the Vampire squid. A chance for someone to earn a £100. The request is placed at http://www.photographersdirect.com/sellers...rs/requests.asp Request ID: 2380 Request Date: 20 January 2005 Deadline: 25 January 2005 Request Subject: The Vampire Squid Request: Vampyromorpha Vampyroteuthis infernalis Vampyroteuthidae, Vampyroteuthis, The Vampire Squid "I urgently need an image of the Vampire Squid for use in the next edition of Guinness World Records 2006. It holds the record for largest eye to body ratio so an image showing the eye would be good but I will look at anything Budget: Inside, 1/4 page: UK£100 (1/4 page, inside book, magazine or brochure) Notes on Budget: Use: editorial Relevant Categories: Animals, Exploration, Sport, Wildlife, Relevant Locations: "
  4. Well, i've finally had enough of the miserable weather in the UK and my wife and i are moving out to Saudi Arabia to live and work for three years. But what i would like to know are anyones recommendations for dive shops/operators on the red sea. They must be operators that are ok with my wife diving. One of the hardest things to find out is just how expensive is it?
  5. My wife works for a UK company called the Adventure Company. The company has become an active member of The Travel Foundation , a UK based charity promoting various aspects of sustainable tourism throughout the world. The Travel Foundation have shown an interest in putting money into reef preservation in the Hurghada area. In order to make the decision as to the level of their involvement they are undertaking an investigation to ascertain the current state of the reefs and more importantly the practices employed by dive operators in the area, e.g. using fixed mooring buoys instead of anchoring, promoting the attitude of ‘look but don’t touch’. My wife has been asked by her MD to produce a report on the Hurghada area. This is where you guys can help. What we would like to know is your experiences in responsible diving practices at Hurghada, both the good and the bad. Do the Dive Boats use fixed mooring buoys or anchor on the Reef? Are divers discouraged from touching the Corals? Is the training of inexperienced divers done away from areas that are prone to damage from 'bottom bouncers'? Is there any evidence of sewage contamination? Any help you can give would be gratefully received. Photographic evidence of damage or overcrowding of divers would also help. Thanks p.s Please feel free to send e-mails direct to my wife karen.beattie@talk21.com
  6. I'm not so sure it is. There are none of the lines on the mantle. However it does have the thorny protrusions. In terms of size it was about 12 inches across.
  7. Just been looking on the website for Lumba Lumba in Pulau Weh Indonesia and it looks very promising that diving operations will begin again very soon http://www.lumbalumba.de/newsletter.htm
  8. This one i just haven't a clue about. I tried posting it to the sea slug forum back in january but got no replies Again from West Papua
  9. Thanks for your help. I am trying to correctly identify all the photos i am putting on my website but it certainly isn't easy or quick. There will probably be few few more posted by me that i may need your help with.
  10. just been scavenging through some more books, and the nearest i can find is Chromodoris coi Risbec. Anyone concur?
  11. I am trying to ID this nudibranch . Now that the sea slug forum is dead i am having a slight spot of bother. Taken off the Raja Ampat islands in West Papua.
  12. Good shots. I particularly like the second of the three. But maybe a bit lighter ? I must get me a 70-180 someday. Unfortunately just spent most of my money on a new Nikon 17-35 and 70-200VRS.
  13. Seems like a lot of money just to be able to store some photos and hotlink. I would be happy to let you set up an album on my site for until you can get your problem sorted if you like. You can hotlink from there with no problems. just goto my site and click on register. http://www.diverstravels.co.uk I would also suggest trawling these forums for previous postings on free online galleries that let you hotlink.
  14. Can any of you guys help me correctly identify this guy? Taken in the Raja Ampat islands of West Papua Indonesia
  15. I have recently bought the version with photocal and it will do LCD as well as CRT. Although i haven't tried it on LCD as i prefer to use a larg 22" Iiyama CRT
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