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  1. Second Hand Underwater Kit for Sale R63 000 (US$7 875) - Great condition!!! PANASONIC P2 DVCPRO HD Camera KIT AND GATES UNDERWATER HOUSING KIT FOR P2 (HVX 200) Please drop me a line if you are interested liz@triosphere.co.za Kits Include: PANASONIC P2 DVCPRO HD Camera KIT 1 x Panasonic P2 DVCproHD Camcorder 1 X Battery 1 x SWIT Battery 1 X Charger 1 X CTA Battery 1 X CTA Travel Charger 3 X 8GB P2 memory card 2 x 16GB P2 memory card 1 X 82mm Polarizer filter 1 x Remote Control DUEL Adapter card adapter GATES UNDERWATER HOUSING KIT (HVX 200) 1 x Gates Underwater housing 1 x Camera Mount Plate 1 x Gates Underwater HD Monitor 3” 1 x Focus Ring Adaptor 1 x Wide Angle dome adaptor 1 x Underwater Housing Pole System incl. 2 x poles & hard case 1 x Fathom Wide Angle Dome Port 2 x left and right Handle 1 x Carry Handle 2 x Pontoons 1 x Polacam attachment 5 x Balancing Weights 1 x Orange Pelican Case 1 x Main Seal (O-ring) 1 x Bulk Head Seal Kit (3x O-Ring) 1 x Dome Seal O-Ring 1 x Side Window Oring Kit (2 x Oring) 1 x Port Seal and Port Buffer (2 x O-Rings) 1 x Control Window 1 x View Window 1 x Mic O-Ring 1 x Video Out 1 x Video Out Plug 13 x Gland External O-Rings 15 x Gland Internal O-rings 1 x EM419 kit Incl O-Ring and lock screw 4 x L-N key 1 x O-ring Pick
  2. I need to reply to an existing post in order to post something... so here it is
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