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  1. Hey guys, so i'm new to diving and a complete virgin in terms of underwater pictures (although a pro photographer on the surface). Spent most of 2011 back and forth to Libya for work, often using Cairo as a hub for flights and stopping in and out to visit friends and cover the post-revolution riots and elections. After the the death of Gaddafi called an end to the civil war in Libya I took some R&R in Dahab, dived, and fell in love with it. Just OW and OC experience so far, interested in cave exploration, deep expedition and CCR. Now trying to figure out how to integrate my photographic life with my newfound love for diving, either professionally or simply as a hobby, I'm not sure yet. Just found this forum and it seems to be a great resource, my research is all over the place at this stage but within a month or so I hope to have a underwater camera system to bring on my next trip. Cheers!
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