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  1. Hello all I'm torn, im thinking of getting a new lens for my Canon 6D and im searching the internet for good advice on a choice of lens, Sorry if this has already been covered if it has a link would be greatly appreciated, The big problem is which wide angle lens Canon 16-35 L f/2.8 II Canon 17-40 L f/8 or perhaps i could be persuaded with stellar reviews of the 14mm L f/2.8 II Prime lens if there are any other lens i missed, (full frame and Canon mount EF) www.kenrockwell.com has some great reviews on lenses but topside only ohh i just found a good link http://www.seacamusa.com/lenses-ports-domes/canon-16-35mm-ii-lens-test/ if any one has anything to contibute that would be goood Gary
  2. I know most your photos have been saved.. but i just wanted to feel included.. I use 'Recuva' from Filehippo.com its saved me a few times, also does txts, videos, and other formats..i find it works best if you right click and 'run as administrator'. if and when these things happens best not to use the card again untill you have run some recoverry program,. Gary
  3. We dive with cameras everyday, using 1 or 2 cameras (Patima housing Cannon 450D, and Cannon 60D with Aquanaught housing) the cameras are put in a tub of fresh but normally stale ( days-weeks old) water, for about 5 minutes somettimes just a quick dunk and rinse, and maybe O-rings are checked daily but only removed to check about every month or so, So far we havn;t had any leaks in the 4 1/2years due to failing parts (a couple due to the moisture muncher being over the seal when re assembling in the morning). Perhaps using it daily is better as it doesn't let the salt crystalise in one place for long, maybe someone can clarify. We assemble the cameras in an Airconditioned boat so humidity isn't such an issue for us, convenient as we live in the tropics. Gary
  4. To add my thought, is that i use Apollo Bio BCD, and i would imagaine having a back inflated one wouldn't work for me as i spend a lot of time on the surface, talking to snorkelers helping them with their equipment and trying to direct snorkelers. When im inflated (or 1/2 inflated) on the surface the air would go to the top of the aircell. not providing with much lift. But i can imagine that it would be great for staying under the water.. bouyency is key
  5. we had a mix up with our lenses and we took a UV filter in the UW housing, but it pushed against the glass of the housing when focusing so it wouldn't allow us to focus on close or far away subjects.. very annoying!
  6. if that work its aa GOLDEN ideal.. good work!
  7. ive recovered a external hard drive using 'chkdsk' goto the comand prompt and type ' chkdsk D: /r ' where D: is the drive you want to fix, and the added /r is for repair good luck,, for deleted files i use 'Recuva' loads of useful malware free programs can be found at www.filehippo.com
  8. whats a good way to check print to monitor calibration?
  9. This is to anyone who pioneered/used film underwater stills or filmed video underwater .. I Salute you! just very well done! personally ive never tried it, although a lot of people at my work use disposable film snorkel cameras.. but i dont see the point in those.. good to sell i suppose holiday makers will be home before they get them developed... I have a massive massive amount of respect to everyone who used them to make any decent photos, or even any in focus. Credit where credit is due, and i feel like im standing on the shoulders of giants. just so you know.. Gary
  10. maybe its better to ask for forgiveness not permission..
  11. from what i can see on the Lytro website, it they have the rights of the image you put on there, they can : We do not claim ownership of your living pictures; they are yours. To enable us to operate Lytro.com and provide its services and functionality, with respect to content that you submit to Lytro.com you grant us a non-exclusive, fully-paid, royalty-free, worldwide, sublicensable and transferable license to: Copy, store, display, and distribute such content; Modify and create derivative works of such content by using our light field picture player or another player approved by us. We may allow our users and visitors to create other modifications or derivative works and print your content for their personal use; Transmit copies of such content to, and embed such content on, other websites; Display the Lytro trademark with such content; and Display and feature in public areas of Lytro.com, at our discretion, certain of your public living pictures selected by us. and i gather you can view the pictures on your computer or tablet but it has to be connected to the internet (presumably only via there website). or you can just keep the image on your camera.. Im not so contract savvy and am really excited about the Lytro camera and for only $400 too thats awesome, but its a b it vague, about quality and rights.. but im certainly looking forward to some 'cracked versions and for what the future holds.. in fact the future is here, im so excited i peed a little bit more in my wetsuit than usual
  12. at work we use a program called ' printer counter' but im fairly sure thats the software that came with the printer... i dont think its going to be much use to you but...
  13. Im waiting for the new Transformer Prime 700 tft (or ftf) to come out someitme in June, hope fully i can get my hands on it before the end of the Tax season. It it has an Android OS does anyone know a good editing program for it? something simplish like Light room, at the moment im using Picassa and its dead easy for organizing a library and plenty of quick edits i need for work.
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