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    Nikon F-100
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  1. Brian, thank you for your answer, I will take that into consideration.
  2. Yes it was shot on film, but with a Nikon F-100 in a Sea&Sea Housing. Greetings.
  3. Size: 7 in. This photo was taken in about 40 feet deep in Venezuela. Thank you, Humberto Ramírez.
  4. What about the Sea&Sea MDX-D7000, has anyone tried it? I have been using a Sea&Sea NX-100 pro housing for the Nikon F-100 (film) for over 11 years, with more than 600 dives, it still works perfectly even with the original o-rings on it. Now I'm planing on switching to digital photography and I'm very confused because many photographers are now using Nauticam Housings. What do you think? Thank you. Humberto Ramirez.
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