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  1. I set the camera at 1/100 f 5.6 for most shots. The TTL setting on the flash . Thanks for the comments and yes I agree moving the strobe out and getting closer. Also seen alot of post and examples and must agree shooting from a low angle really improves the shots. As for weight of the unit remember underwater you don't have the weight. I diod decrease my on weight . The camera was real easy to handle and the strobe arm flexed and held the strobe well. On surface you find the strobe arm doesn't want to hold the strobe up, but submerged works great. All camera functions are east to access . Thanks all for the tips I'll keep working at this!
  2. I purchaed aan Olympus C8080WZ a few months back , played with the camera for two months then purchased the Ikelite housing and DS125 Strobe. My first dives with this in Cozumel, with practice I think I may have something. Comments please, advice welcome and wanted! http://www.pbase.com/gharring/olympus
  3. Carl, Kimberly, You showed me things I've missed in Cozumel. Stunning shots. excellent eye, I do need to slow down! Thanks for sharing the images it gives me great incentive to try harder! Guy
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