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  1. Between trips 1 & 2 I added 4 x medium Styx floats to my Ultralight arms, which helped balance things underwater....
  2. Apologies for necro-posting, but stumbled across this thread as I was searching for a solution to protect my brand-new, just-received Nauticam 12-50 port. First the good news - it came with a plastic cap that even has a loop to attach a lanyard (which wasn't supplied). The lanyard will be required, as the bad news is the thing falls off if you give it so much as a stern look, let alone actually carry it around or turn it upside down. Which is how I came to be looking for Nauticam port-covers... I'm currently thinking about using something like the optech hood-hat secured to the tray with a bit of shock cord. Did anyone find any better solutions?
  3. I am an Amateur who is not satisfied with a simple point and shoot underwater setup! But also reluctant to lug around a full DSLR setup (domestic-buddy acceptability is also a consideration here ;-) ) I'm using the Nauticam housing, but so far have only tried it with the 14-42 (the 12-50 port wasn't released when I bought). I was also using an Inon UCL-165 macro wet lens. Overall results on my first couple of trips weren't all stellar, but I got a higher proportion of keepers than I ever achieved with the C-5050. My main problems were around achieving enough depth of field on the macro shots, but have since learned a bit more and realise that I was shooting too open. I have just taken delivery of the 12-50 port and am going to Lady Elliot Island (southern Great Barrier Reef) in Sept. This will be my 4th trip there, and I know that every dive has a fair prospect of turtles and mantas, possibly humpback whales, but also plenty of macro opportunities if the big stuff doesn't show. Should be ideal for this lens / port combo I'm going to take a step-down ring ($12) to try out the wet macro lens before I sink $200 on the flip diopter. I've seen enough evidence here and on Scubaboard that i know any shortcomings in my results with this setup are down to me not the equipment!
  4. How important are size / weight / excess-baggage-costs to you? I always fancied the idea of using a dSLR but not of transporting it, so I stuck with my C-5050 for 10 years. I finally replaced it last year with the E-M5, and feel it's close enough to the best of both worlds for me and my few weeks diving every year. The whole kit (with focus light and single Inon strobe) and the other-half's G11 and housing all fit in a moderate carry-on back-pack with room for duty-frees
  5. I've also been watching the press about the E-M5 with interest. More details about the Olympus housing seem to have appeared in the last few days: http://www.olympus-europa.com/consumer/pen-camera_pen_21693_accessory_pt-ep08_25870.htm I'd be interested in any informed speculation about whether this is likely to be any good, or whether you think other manufacturers will produce housings. I know more info will trickle out in time but I'm traveling overseas in about 3 wks. If I can decide on my next camera before then I can reclaim the tax and get to know the camera before the housings arrive!
  6. We spent a fabulous 10 days there in Nov 2011, and It certainly is the most fabulous destination. The only problem we had the whole week was finding a finger size dead space on the reef to steady yourself for a shot! The boats and crew were all great as well. Highly recommended...
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