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  1. Lots of excellent tips and information. I am new to the forums but really glad I have joined - thanks to everyone for the comments. Having said that I am still undecided. I have an 8" dome and the extension for a 17-70 already. And now using the 10-17 with a mini dome. Suppose just thought that getting the 17-70 would be a good GP lens, give me a useful top side lens as well and make use of the port and extension.
  2. Thanks Tim I have a 60 extension for the nautical which is one of the reasons I was thinking of going with it. Just thought it might fit the gap between the 10-17 and 105.
  3. Just looking at the Sigma 17-70 OS lens as an option for cutting down weight and gear for travel, and providing some versatility for wide angle and macro. I know it has limitations but just wondered if anyone had any thoughts. Anyone using it on a regular basis?
  4. Just sold my lens and no longer need the gears for the Nikon fit Tokina 12-24 (TN1224) so it is for sale. If anyone is interested can you send me a PM.
  5. Hi there. I am David. Live and work on the South Coast in UK. Also spend time working for Plastic Oceans. Quite new at the U/W photography lark but love it.
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