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  1. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I understood that it is of little utility adding 2 strobes to have more power... Eventualy I'll think again to morepowerful strobes...
  2. Thank you, I'll try as soon as bad weather condition will finish here in north Italy...
  3. Hello, I've just tried to use Sigma 15mm + kenko 1,4x with a 4" mini-dome (with Nikon D800). Above water no problem, AF was ok in all the range, but underwater I realized that I couldn't focus at the minimum, and the minimal focus distance got longer than above water of about 8cm. Is it normal? It's due to the dimension/shape of the dome? I think to try to use an extension of 1,5cm betweeen dome and housing, should this help? Thank for any suggestion.
  4. Has someone tried to use 4 strobes all together? The configuration I'm thinking about is made by 2 couples of strobes positioned at the end of a classical double arm, at both sides of the camera. I'm thinking to use 4 Inon z240 to have more powerful light especially in WA photo, now I've 2 inonZ240. Someone could say that I should simply use 2 more powerful strobes and in fact this was my first thought.... Searching for more powerful strobes I found Subtronic, Seacam, Hartemberger.... All of this expensive, heavy, big and with their own battery pack... And moreover for someone of this I heard of some problems about affidability and assistence. So I'm thinking that should be better adding 2 z240, they are lighter and cheaper, and they use common AA battery. For sincronization I'm thinking to use double Sync cord for primary strobes and optical fiber for the secondary strobes. I mean one primary strobe on the left and the other primary on the right, both coupled via optical fiber with the secondary ones. What do you think about it? Any similar esperience? Thanks for any opinion or suggestion.
  5. Hi, I have this housing for my Nikon D800 and I'm very happy with it. I think that the possibility to use the same housing with different Nikon or Canon camera it's a great added value. I've got no problem with controller reliability. As regard the dome choice I think it's enough: Dome 4" - 6" - 10" Flat port Extension 15mm - 30mm - 40mm For more information look at www.easydive.it
  6. For CF/WA photos, wich is better, sigma15mmFE + 1,4xTC or Nikon 16-35mm? And Why?
  7. Does exist a TTL converter for Inon Z240? I mean not using optical fiber but only the sync cord. Anyone has tried the Sea&Sea TTL converter with Inon?
  8. Someone has experiences with "universal" housing by Easydive? www.easydive.itOnly some functions are remoted, but the most used... And the possibility to change body without change housing, just need to upgrade firmware (only Nikon and Canon). It seems to me a very great versatility and convenience!I'm thinking about buying one and suggestions are welcome.ThanksBye
  9. Thank you very much for your advice, I've made up my mind, I'll go with Sigma....ByeAndrea
  10. Hai Fred, just a question about your fish/eyeIs it better the Nikon or the Sigma one? And Why?Here in Italy in shops the Nikon costs about 980€ and the Sigma about 660€.... For this difference in price witch do you suggest to buy?ThanksAndrea
  11. Hello everyone, I've to decide witch fish-eye lens buy and appreciate an advice...Nikon 16mm f2,8 for ~980€ or Sigma 15mm f2,8 for ~660€ ?The quality of the Nikon justifies the different cost?ThanksAndrea
  12. Ok , I'll go with the original Nikon one then.So do you prefer ~180mm(1.7x) over ~150mm(1,4x)?ThanksAndrea
  13. Hello everyone I'd like to use a teleconverter (1,4x or 1,7x) with Nikon 105mm and D800. I have to choose between the Nikon and the Kenko TC... Any suggestion? The cost difference is justified? There is a big difference in image quality or AF speed?Thanks
  14. Hello to everyone, I need an advice. I’ve decided to up-grade from Olympus 4/3 system (E30, 8mm, 50mm, 12-60mm, 7-14mm, 2xInonZ240) to a Full Frame system. I can’t decide between D800 and 5Dmk3. The lenses would be: for D800: 15mmf2.8 Sigma, 16-35f4 Nikon, 105mmf2.8 Nikon for 5Dmk3: 15mmf2.8 Sigma, 16-35f2.8 Canon, 100mmf2.8 Canon I’m not very interested in video… Wich system should perform better underwater and why? Thank a lot for every suggestion
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