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  1. thanks for the feedback and suggestions so far... that 5N case looks VERY intriguing... but in the end... my wife was already upset that i once burned a Nikon D300 underwater w/ a cheap pouch. so she's not letting me go under w/ the NEX-5N. haha.. i ended up purchasing a cheap Canon G10 with a WP-DC28 case... all for $340AUD. hard to go wrong with that... RAW file output.. good start. i think the first time around, i will forgo any external flash configurations. does anybody have tips on how to best handle the camera while diving? wrist strap is the best way to go? clip to BCD?
  2. hi... i was wondering if anybody could help me out. i currently have a sony nex 5n. but it seems the options to take that underwater are quite expensive. can anybody share their setup on which underwater housing and a basic strobe setup? i'm very confused as to which items i actually to have an off camera strobe. i'm also considering buying a used canon s95 with the canon dc38 underwater housing. if i went that route, can anybody tell me what i need to get a basic stobe setup? i think i read inon has some options... but again, i'm very confused as to which items are essential to have an off camera strobe. thanks!
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