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  1. happy to consider a reduced price...the housing is fantastic for this camera shooting macro... 1800?
  2. Happy to consider offers for parts and pieces of the overall kit....
  3. Complete set up, minus the strobes, for sale. Everything in excellent shape and cared for meticulously. HOUSING AND PORTS Housing: Sea and Sea RDX 650D/700D/EOS Rebel T4I/T5I – retail new: 1,375 USD Ports: RDX Port Base S (30108) – retail new: 140 USD Macro port 111 (56261) – retail new: 250 USD Standard Flat Port (30107) – retail new: 300 USD Other: Sea and Sea Grip Stay LII (22128) – retail new: 320 USD Sea and Sea Zoom Gear (31119) – retail new: 130 USD CAMERA AND LENSE (with charger) Canon EOS 650D (with kit lense) – retail new: 649 USD Canon EF100mm F2.8L Macro IS USM – retail new: 700 USD Total retail new: 3,864 USD Asking 2,500 USD as a complete package. Will consider breaking it up if unable to sell all together. Willing to ship most anywhere at buyer's expense. Includes: extra battery for camera and the manuals
  4. Hi, sorry in advance to add myself to the list of problem children here. I have introduced myself. I can start a new topic in many forums. I am not able to start a new topic in classifieds - does this require some additional hoop? I have been a member for ages and I primarily recently logged in to post gear I have for sale. Thanks in advance! UPDATE: Please disregard. All working fine now.
  5. Hi, I am Mark. From the US, currently living in the Philippines. Currently working on finishing DMT while balancing career, family et c. I have been diving for 8 years and doing UW photography for about 5. Cheers!
  6. If this is for 2 ys-110a strobes that are in working order I am willing to purchase.
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