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  1. Thanks all for the input. Appreciate the comment about the lenses, however, I find that on any one trip I tend to use only 2, a WA zoom and a Macro, I get better photos using less gear, takes me time to get up to speed with any one lens camera combination. If I go with the 5D2 then I would use the 100mm Macro and 17-40mm as a start, although I might supplement that with a couple of primes, I have a 24mm f/2.8 and would add a fisheye. The Tokina sounds interesting and I can see the point that the 7D offers a greater lens choice
  2. I have a trip coming up in a couple of months to Lankayan off the coast of Malaysia, going to be mostly small stuff, but some large as well. Later in the year, I hope to get out to the Maldives, which will be more WA than Macro. I currently have an Ikelite 40D housing and a pair of DS125 strobes, but it has been a while since I last dived and in the mean time my 40D has bitten the dust. I am keen photographer, above or below water, and already have a 5D2 and 7D, plus a decent range of lenses, 10-22, 17-40, 60, 100, being the ones I have used underwater. I plan to stick with Ikelite as (other than the weight on the plane) am happy with the function and the TTL capability. My dilemma is that I am struggling to decide whether to go with the 7D or 5D2 - the housings are roughly the same price and I have lenses that will work well with both, together with the requisite ports. I could get a 2nd hand 40D, but want to upgrade now, and for a change have the cash to do so. My question to the forum, is what you would advise and with whichever system, what would be the best lens selection? I have budget to add to the lenses if needed. Many thanks for any feedback. Shaun
  3. Hmmm... I think the problem lies with the fact that we developed the site using Microsoft publisher, anybody not using MS IE seems to have trouble accessing the site. Sorry about this, our web knowledge is limited so far and we simply used the easiest tool available. Does anybody have any suggestions for an alternate tool set that is fairly easy to useand cheap
  4. Heidi and I have put together a web site with a few underwater galleries and trip reports: www.heidi-and-shaun.com It is a first try and we hope to continue developing the site. Father Christmas brought a new 20D and Ikelite housing, plus a housing for Heidi's video camera. We are heading off to North Ari Atoll in the Maldives next week and so will have some new images to share by the end of next month. So far we have both only shot with a small Canon iXUS V3 and an Olympus 5060, will be a fun experience to get used to the SLR. Constructive criticism on the site would be gratefully received. We have used Microsoft Publisher for the main pages (apologies to linux users if it doesn't load) and have used Photoshop CS for the galleries. What tools do other people use? Enjoy and thanks all for the great ongoing education that you provide
  5. Thanks... My dealer suggested the Sigma 14mm, but this is 999Euros and not so verstaile for other use. That's why I am drifting towards a wide zoom, such as the 10-22 (although this is not much cheaper than the Sigma). Otherwise the Canon 15mm Fisheye is on my list as it is much cheaper. For my first time out I might just use the 18-55mm kit lens and then "upgrade" to real WA later. I also think I will be mostly using macro until I get the hang of shooting a DLSR underwater. Thanks Shaun
  6. Good point, I guess I simply like to be able to compile a keepers folder of the best shots to be able to show friends without having to open up PS each time. With the ability to create a small JPEG in addition to the RAW file it shouldn't much affect the capacity of the card or write speed...
  7. Sorry, should have been more clear. With my 5060 I have been shooting 100-200 images per day in RAW only. Each evening after diving I have spent up to two hours working them through the RAW converter in CS just to see the images at all, time better spent in the bar or lazing on the beach. With the 20D's ability to store both a RAW+JPEG file for the same exposure, I can preview/show my wife and the JPEG's and then process the RAW shots for the keepers when I get back home... Thanks for the advice on the lenses, the Canon is very tempting, I like the convenience of the zoom, this would also make it a great above water landscape lens. I have been advised to stick to prime WA's by my dealer, but must admit the shots taken with the 10-22mm look great. To be honest moving from the limited zoom on the 5060 to any WA on an SLR is a massive improvement
  8. Having gone in successive years from a Canon ixus V3 in a Canon housing to a 5060 in a PT20 + housed FL20, I have finally accepted the inevitable and bought myself a new Canon EOS 20D - the shutter lag did it for me in the end... I am now waiting for Ikelite to ship the 20D housing with TTL and plan to get a single DS125 as a starting point (if my bank manager is still speaking to me ) I have a couple of basic questions for the transition from the 5060 to the 20D 1) I have been using a 2GB Hitachi microdrive with the 5060, is this going to be fast enough - I need large capacity as I plan to use the RAW + JPEG capability (no more evenings spent converting RAW to JPEG in Photoshop). I am not worried about the fastest or the best, but can someone share some practical experience shooting SLR as to what is the most practical CF card, balancing performance and cost? I carry a laptop for storage so only need cards for shooting. 2) I have bought the Sigma 50mm macro and have the 18-55mm kit lens as a starting point. I plan to house both, but would be interested in suggestions for the best WA lens to add at a later date. The 18-55 can be housed using the 5503, a WA using this port would reduce the amount of stuff I need to carry. Suggestions? Sadly my next trip is not until Feb - going to North Ari Atoll in the Maldives for Manta season, hope that will be enough time to fgure out the controls on the camera Thanks for any help...
  9. I am quite new to underwater photography, but have followed your forum with interest, particularly the ongoing debate about the PT020. So far mine works fine and I am having a lot of fun with it. A few people have asked how the small fl20 flash performs in a housing - so here are a few shots taken off New Providence last month. They were taken with either Shutter Priority or Manual with the flash unit set to TTL. The manual says not to do this, but... All were shot in RAW and converted with CS to JPEG, but no other manipulation - haven't had the time to sort through the shots yet I love the simplicity and low cost of this combo Opinions gratefully accepted...
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