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  1. okay thanks, I think I'm going to just going to wait to buy a strobe? maybe the sea & sea YS - 02? any recommendations? I'm on a tight budget as well haha
  2. Or any techniques or tips on how to improve pictures with lack of light with this specific camera?
  3. yeah i meant cant and well i already have the old strobe and i dont have the money for a new one so it might do for now thanks
  4. will the YS-90 Auto work with a compact camera preflash?
  5. Thanks, I don't understand how this helps/works?
  6. I'm using a sea & sea DX1200HD - the problem is the strobe goes off on the first flash and not the main flash and i can set the flash to manual on the camera so would there be any kind of adaptation i could do or have done to the strobe to make it ignore the first flash?
  7. the strobe is a sea & sea YS-50 or sea & sea YS-120 thanks
  8. Is there anyway i can get a strobe made for a film camera to work on a compact?
  9. I recently bought a Sea and Sea DX1200HD Camera - its quite a cheap camera as I had never done UW photography. Does anyone have any experiences with this camera? I need to know if it is possible to change the flash option to single flash so I can use it with a slave strobe? If its not possible to do this what would be the cheapest option for a strobe? thanks
  10. If you need a manual just type it in on Google, you will usually find a PDF document which you can open and print off with adobe reader.
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