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  1. 1st pic looks like a younger Chedtlopterus .. 3rd Pic looks like Bleekers Cardinalfish ( pg 44) I would go back and look at the Ostorhinchus family for the rest They do look different before they are mature
  2. This may help. Its a link to Rudi Kuiter's Cardinalfish of the world book. Its a free downloadable PDF. Its a really great reference for cardinalfish https://www.researchgate.net/publication/335777894_ApogonidaeFishesLRs
  3. Looks like a green clown goby- Gobiodon atrangulatus
  4. I went to Fiji last August and went diving off of Taveuni. This was my first time using my D700 in a housing ( other then a day snorkelling in the river near my house in Pennsylvania). I only took two lenses- a 10-17mm tokina and a tokina 100mm f 2.8 macro because I like to travel light and those are the lenses that I had aside from telephotos. . I snorkelled a lot and did 12 dives with Jewel Bubble Divers out of Matei- a great outfit that I cant say enough about. The diving was fantastic. I shoot sports on a daily basis for a newspaper but aside from one article (about Japanese exchange students visiting a local elementary school that I had to improvise six years ago when the reporter got held up in court) this is the first thing I have had published. I lurked here on the forums reading quite a bit and asking a few stupid questions. Turns out it was ahuge help..anyway heres my trip. See page 58. http://edition.pagesuite-professional.co.uk/reef_to_rainforest.aspx?eid=af62debd-074f-4280-9d4c-9e5f180f1a32 if the above link doesnt work try this http://www.coralmagazine.com / click current issue and my article starts on page 58
  5. great Macro! congrats on the article
  6. Thanks Jim, So then if i get the fiber optic cable and get it attached to fore the Inon strobe should I mask the part of the housing the cameras flash would fire through( as long as the flash can fire) so there is less chance of back scatter? does that even make sense?
  7. I am just starting out with U/W photography. I shoot above water as a sports photographer and am trying to sort out what route to take entering the U/W world I will be going somewhere diveable this summer for a few weeks and want to get a setup before hand so I can practice. I have an inon d2000 strobe that works and am hoping to use it with whatever setup I go with. I am still unsure whether to put the money into a housing for my D700 or getting a P & S system like the canon g12 or a 4/3rds like the Oly Ep-1. So my question is it possible to use the Inon D2000 as a strobe with the ikelite housings for the G12 or D700 or the Olympus or Canon housings for their respective cameras? If so how could I go about that. I know thats a wide range of cameras and housings but I am still in the process of figuring out what I will be doing and whether I can use this strobe will influence by decision. thanks nate
  8. hello everyone.. Iam joining the forums.. I shoot sports for a newspaper and am looking to take my photography diving. I am thinking of starting with a point and shoot or micro 4/3rds depending on what I can find used..I look forward to using the forums for advice and showing you all some images down the line thanks nate
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