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  1. Hey thanks for getting in touch, Sounds interesting but do you know its quality of underwater photo's particularly in less than tropical conditions? The g7 is 2006/07 design so its getting a tad old by technology standards, and i am not sure if it is quite what i am looking for, do you have any sample underwater photies you have taken etc? cheers
  2. Hi needing a little advice, I am looking for a camera and housing for a decent price that gets some good photos. I dive both tropical but the majority of my frequent diving is on the west coast of Scotland, thus i need something that can cope in low light conditions. I would like a compact camera and with what little experience i have i guess something that can be manually white balanced? I have been having a scout around and reading reviews and whilst the canon G12 appeals i think it may be a little out of my student budget... so i am looking for something £200-400 roughly and 2nd hand/refurbished cameras are an option depending on the cond. and warranty options. I have seen some great review of the the lumix DMX LX3 however locating a housing seems quite difficult? Preferably i don't want anything to bulky that will require strobes (which i think the LX3 needs). I have done some under water photography already but am now a little out of the loop as to what is good but also not overly priced. any help/suggestions of what and where to get it would be appreciated.
  3. Hi i am also in a similar situation... i am looking at which is the best option camera and housing to go for myself and i have heard from friends with the s95 that it gets some good quality under water photos and is pretty easy to use particularly if it is your fist under water camera.
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