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  1. Hi holloways, Lens decisions are not easy for this camera. :-) I think the 8mm fisheye should be the best option for underwater use, but I like the 9-18 mm focal length for climbing/landscape use, so for me it looks like a more viable option especially regarding costs. The kit lens, flat port and a subsea diopter is also planned, but I am not yet sure if the +5 or +10 version is better. unfortunately the panasonic kit does not not allow a high magnification, (due to dpreview or photozone) so the +10 makes more sense but the working distance is really short. Even though it is expensive the reefnet swing adapter is my choice since handling will be more effective under water. Unfortunately there is no port where the macro switch of the 12-50 can be used. I was quite surprised when I saw this 67mm adapter for the 4'' dome port. It would be really interesting to hear if someone used it successfully for macro work. On some dives it could be nice to have both a mild wide angle and a macro lens. regards Martin
  2. Hi, I am in a similar situation planning to get the Nauticam GX1 housing. Regarding the wide angle I will go for the 9-18 mm Olympus since it can use filters for topside photography and the 4'' port is quite compact. It is also interesting that Nauticam offers a 67mm Adaptor for this dome, but I found no additional information about this. In my opinion it only makes sense to use it with macro wetlenses and standard zoom lenses since the 9-18mm might vignette. Maybe this adapter allows a setup where a true 28mm (ful frame) wide angle perspective and macro can be used on the same dive. Does anyone have experience with panasonic standard zooms (14-42 or 14-45) behind this dome and macro wetlenses? Sorry, I do not want to hijack this wide angle thread but the 4'' dome might be interesting for other lenses too. regards Martin
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