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  1. You did. I just forgot to take it out here. So the 5510.16 is gone.
  2. Domeport and 5510.24 sold. New price for the housing 850 US$.
  3. Hi, I sell my complete Ikelite gear: Ikelite Housing Nikon D800 with integrated iTTL Controller, back from Revision 02/2014, in perfect condition New Price : 1599 US$ Asking: 950 US$ Ikelite 8" Domeport 5510.45 new polished --> no scratches --> like new New Price : 399 US$ Asking: 250 US$ Housing and domeport together for 1100US$ Dual TTL synccord 4103.52 New Price : 159 US$ Asking: 90 US$ 5510.75 Port with manual focus for Canon 100mm USM Macro und Nikon 105mm VR Macro New Price : 199 US$ Asking: 100 US$ Port Bodies: 5510.16 New Price : 125 US$ Asking: 70 US$ 5510.24 New Price : 149 US$ Asking: 80 US$ All prizes are without shipping. Shipping is from Switzerland. Contact me for questions.
  4. Thanks for the info. Seems to make sense. I had not so much time to take the pics. It was a matter of seconds. /René
  5. @Yoav Thanks for your comment. Do you have a picture how that long hose looks like? How does the safety diver gives it back to the model? Regards René
  6. Hi, I made some pictures with my wife in a fancy dress at the Cedar Pride wreck in Jordan - Aqaba. Some more pictures and a making of video can be seen here: http://rene-zuch.ch/offsite/blog/files/08ade6edee7d4699e264f60c3d278141-9.php Regards René
  7. @All Thanks for the nice feedback @diver-dave wise words...... Thanks René
  8. @All Thanks for your feedback. My daughter is a bit sad that nobody recognized her potential to become a Nr. one model. @abi You're right. To find a good model is maybe the hardest part. And Nat does this job really great and is fun to be with. @Rob The lighting was done with two Ikelite DS161 strobes. The dome is a prototype from uwcamerastuff and it´s a 8" full half-sphere(sounds strange but hope you know what I mean). There are still some buoyancy problems to solve with it as it really wants to float up, but the optical quality and corner sharpness is excellent. And problems are there to solve. Here are some more pics: Regards René
  9. Hi Loftus, I'm aware of this problem. But sometimes it's not possible to avoid (because it limits creativity too much) and I found out it's possible to correct this later on in the software, eventhough it's not easy. I did not spent much time on these pics in postprocessing yet. Thanks for your feedback. René
  10. Hi, Take a pic only with the 5510.11 attached (no dome) and you will have black corners too. The Sigma 15mm lens is so short that there is no chance to use this without black corners. This lens is just not usable or you crop as Ikelite recommended. Bad news. I´m effected too. I dont think there is a solution as Ikelite does not take it too serious with precision. René
  11. Hi, I experimented yesterday in a pool and wanted to share some of the results with you. All done with the Nikon D800 and the Nikon 16-35mm and a prototype of a new dome. I went with Nat a good friend of mine. She already had some experience with this kind of stuff and is a diver what surely helps. In the end my daughter 3.5 years was jealous and wanted to be a model as well. I´m interested in your feedback. Cheers René
  12. Hi, as Ikelite ruined my annual divetrip with the wrong port recommendation I have only some pool shot examples. The results are much better and quite acceptable with the Ike 8"dome and my calculated dome positioning. But probably with a 9" dome it might be even better. Here are some examples: Some more pics of this shooting you can find here: http://www.rene-zuch...s-11/index.html What really pisses me of is that Ikelite is still recommending the wrong port, eventhough I provided my informations to them and they told they might update the port chart. This is ingnoring the customers and will lead to the fact that everybody with a Nikon FX + 16-35mm will be dissapointed. I really don´t get it. It costs them 5 min to update the port chart. Kind regards René
  13. Nice pics. I like the punk Make-Up too. /René
  14. With the #5510.28 (recommended by Ikelite) it´s 70mm (2,75") and with the #5510.22 + #5510.58 it´s 90mm(3,54"). @Alex Can you answer the question I passed to you earlier in this thread over the DOF in DX mode compared to FX mode? I´m not sure if I understand your question correctly. I based my calculations on the entrance pupil (nodal point). The distance between that nodal point and the dome is equal to the radius of the dome (in my case 4"). You can look also at the attached pictures: Before: After: René
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