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  1. Selling package for $1200AUD UNDERWATER Video Housing & Camcorder. Sony HDV 1080i HDR-HC7E (pal format Australian system) Digital Manual on CD. Digital HDV camcorder for video, small and compact. HOUSING for Underwater filming. Big viewfinder window no need for extra monitor to frame your shots and no need for extra batteries. HOUSING by GATES HC7 to match Sony camcorder. Reliable fingertip controls, mechanical no sticky buttons, no faulty electronics Machined aluminum black anodized finished Internal flip filter for blue water Take still photos as well as video White Balance ability Depth to 137m Weight dry 3.5kg in water slightly negative SUPER WIDE ANGLE PORT SWP25- GATES. Distortion free, no vignetting which cuts off dark corners. Extras: Sony Tele Conversion Lens Sony Wide Conversion Lens Sony Lithium Ion Battery NP-FH70 x2 for more time filming underwater Extra Filter for green water Sony tape clear Extra lenses Other ports you can obtain for this housing are flat port for macro lens Housing has hardly been used in great condition as using company’s housing instead for work. All equipment was purchased in 2007. Proof of purchase invoice available as all above was worth $8000 new. Postage is not included. Once have postal address of buyer can reply with a quote. Payment done through Paypal.
  2. Selling package for $1200AUD. Nikon D70s Digital SLR Camera: used in good condition well looked after 6.1 megpixel comes Includes Nikon 18-70mm Lens Digital Manual on CD Hugyfot Housing: Used in good condition well looked after. With flash Connection 5-Pin for one strobe – has 2nd 5-pin bulkhead in place, but requires repair. It can be fixed straight away if wanting both connections for strobe to work for $60AUD. HOUSING HUGYFOT for Nikon D70s Anodized black housing material made of Aluminium Depth to 100m Weight without camera 1.950g Housing is up to date been serviced in great condition. Comes with Hugyfot flat port FLP- 6.100. Lens to match this flat port 105mm f/2.8D AF Micro, NOT included. Anodized black port for macro photography. NOTE: The flat port included for macro photography doesn't suit the Nikon lens included. You will need either a macro lens 105mm to go with this port. Or You will need a Wide Angle Port (Hugyfot WAP-6.260) for the lens included (Nikon 18- 70mm). Extras included for Nikon D70s camera: x3 SanDisk CompactFlash 2GB x1 Pro CompactFlash 4GB x2 rechargable batteries with charger All above kit was purchased in 2006, new this package was valued at approx $4000AUD. Reason for selling I have upgraded my whole setup. Postage is not included. Once have postal address of buyer can reply with a quote. Payment done through Paypal.
  3. Introducing myself: liquidoceans new user to Wetpixel and need to reply to a post before posting myself. Regards, Veruschka.
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