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  1. Hi all I have just got a canon G12 with ikelite DS 160 strobe and will be using it at 55 metres in a couple of days but am confused as to the best settings ( at that depth I don't want too many buttons to fiddle with). If i do auto on everything will the flash ( hence the strobe) go off every time( there is no setting under auto to force the flash, it's either off or auto)? Or should i use the programe mode in which case will the TTL metering work ok with the strobe going off, i don't want to have to fiddle with power settings on the strobe if i can (learning at sea level is a challange let alone way down there). I won't have a chance to do a trydive before and don't want to waste this dive by getting it wrong. Any help apperciated.
  2. Hi all, my sea and sea camera just died so am looking at getting a G12 with Ikelite housing. Over the years I have found strobes a bit of a pain (cords only working with particular housings or strobes, changing cameras but strobe not working on new camera, strobes not firing all the time etc.) So i was thinking of getting a decent LED torch/light instead. I've seen people doing it but are they dreaming or is it a real option. I'm not a serious photographer and this camera system maybe the last i get (getting to long between dives to warrant any more expense). One other option is i have a sea and sea ys-27 DX strobe, is there any way to get this to work on a ikelite housing?Any help is appreciated
  3. Hi sorry got nothing to say but it seems i gotta reply before i can post
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