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  1. Chronosync and Synology looks interesting. Not sure how well Lightroom copes with this kind of storage. If I'm not mistaken, it has some issues with network drives. I don't want to use services like Backblaze. I prefer my files to be on drives i own and control, and not depend on the well being of a cloud company.
  2. Hi. My big nightmare is to suddenly loose all of my precious photos. Pretty sure I'm not alone on that one. At the moment I have all my pictures on external drives. I keep one drive at home and one at work, and I sync them now and then. I really donĀ“t like this manual syncing. What I would really like, was to have disks in two different locations, that automatically synced over the internet. I import, organize and edit images with Lightroom. When I edit a picture, I would like this edit to be applied to the image on both drives. I would like to hear your thoughts and ideas around this.
  3. Hi. I have been liking on this forum for years, but never posted anything. I have been doing UW-photography for 11 years. I started out with a Nikonos V, and have worked my way up to digital. I live in Norway, and love diving along our coast. When i'm not diving, I work as a researcher in biology.
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