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  1. Thanks, everyone. I'll try all of your suggestions. I'm still quite new to this and I've never really experimented on the surface with cameras in manual mode, so underwater is where I'm learning. Hope to see significant improvements with my photos.
  2. Don't worry about sounding rude; I'm open to criticism. These clearly are not good shots, but they are a good example of the type of backscatter that I see sometimes. Also, by turning up the strobe power, a lot of lighter-colored subjects become overexposed. If you look at the squid, its eyes are extremely bright due to the reflection of the strobe light. Is there a way I can work around that?
  3. Ok, here's a couple of examples of my backscatter. The reef photo is obviously more than 6+ feet away, so there is inevitable backscatter. However, it's an obscene amount, and I know it can likely be reduced. The squid photo is less than 5ft away, yet there's tons of backscatter. This type of backscatter is the type of backscatter I usually get (except maybe more). Does it look like the light from the camera flash is getting through?
  4. Better than my first shots, that's for sure.
  5. Hi, I have a problem with backscatter between my camera and my target. I have the strobes set up wide to reduce backscatter, but for my wider-angle shots (e.g., wrecks), I have a ton of backscatter still. I generally shoot ISO100, around F6.3, and around 1/200 I have an S95 with Ikelite housing as well as two YS-01 strobes. For the Ikelite housing, would you recommend black tape on the inside and over the front of the fiber-optic sensor? Could light getting through the front be the cause of backscatter? Do you have any example of taping done with this type of Ikelite housing? Thanks!
  6. Sorry to jump in, but I get similar shots as well. How would you suggest improving on your constructive criticisms, especially for fish and creatures that are almost never in open water (i.e., hole-dwellers, sculpins, etc.)? I see that you mention that the subject should sit high on something, but that's not always possible.
  7. Hi, I'm relatively new to underwater photography, starting taking photos in November 2011 and adding in dual strobes in January 2012. I have a Canon Powershot S95 with an Ikelite housing and two Sea&Sea YS-01 strobes, with a set of arms and platform bought from Optical Ocean Sales.
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