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  1. Hello, A friend of mine just found this in the Arabian gulf and we don't know what it is. It was at the depth of 18m and was 5 cm long. Original color is brown, by the way. And the image isn't mine. Any idea what this is?
  2. By the beginning of this month, we have noticed a large scale bleaching of corals in the Arabian Gulf where corals have very high tolerance to temperature variations. Old timers say it's worse than what happened in 97-98. So, is this a global issue now? Temperature now is 36 C at 10m depth.
  3. Dude, I cannot thank you enough. You made my day. (yeah it was that bad)
  4. Hi, I got this shot from October 2006. It was taken around 24 m. deep on a sandy bottom near a reef in the Arabian Gulf. It was about 2-3 centimeters long. I tried searching in the sea slug forum but it seems that they have a list of names rather than a list of pictures. Would anyone please be kind enough to identify this for me or at least point me in the right direction? Saad A.
  5. I have a backup C-7070 that I don't need. Let me know if you're interested.
  6. Yeah I dont believe that Ikelite will make a port for the 14-24 anytime soon. In fact, I don't think it will be made at all. However, ever since D700 had been announced and I've been drooling all over D700 + my 17-35 and cant stop thinking of how magnificent its going to be for topside photography. Anyways, I'll take a closer look at my D300 option. Thanks Craig.
  7. Hello everyone.. I've been shooting compact cameras UW since 2004. Since then, I've been developing my dSLR gear and learning to use them properly on land and trying to save enough cash to house it. Well people, the day has come. So far, I have a 17-35 & AF-S 105 vr and a D200. And I have a few choices: - Get an Ikelite housing for my D200 and get an AF-S 60 & 16 FE. - Sell my D200 and get a D300 + Ikelite housing and a couple of ports and the rest comes later. (The idea is to make my setup live longer than the D200 setup). - Get a D700 and wait for Ikelite to design a housing. (I already have 17-35 & 105 micro, shouldn't they be enough? ) My main concern now is the FF sharpness issues UW with rectilinear ultra wide (weitwinkel) lenses. I've seen a thread around here complaining from D3's performance with 17-35 behind a S&S dome. Am I going to face the same problem with Ikelite? I'd like to know what 5D users have to say about 17-40 f/4 & Ikelite combos. Also, I'd like to know if 105 on a full frame is going to be suitable for fish photography as well as macro or do I need to get the 60mm anyways?
  8. Well well well. Now isn't this my lucky day. I just happened to have some cash which I wanted to invest in a D300 + housing. Looks like I'm getting a D700, an additional lens and just wait for Ikelite's D700 housing.
  9. The link is firewalled here. Is there a way for me to watch it from another site?
  10. Great work Lembis... I really like your pool shots. How did you get the backround of the first shot?
  11. Marhaba Drew. Thanks for the input. I discussed phuket with my friends and decided to change our destination. Probably Sharm and South Africa. Thanks Drew, I really appreciate it. Sorry for troubling you. Salam Saad A.
  12. Hey yall. I'm looking to benefit from your wisdom here. I'm planning a trip to Phuket, looking for hardcore diving. However, I have a couple of non-divers coming along, so a liveaboard is out of the question. My questions are, how good is the diving there? What should I expect there? How long are the day trips? Should I look for another destination? Cheers. Saad A.
  13. Sorry for intruding guys, but I'd like some advice in this field. A friend of mine already has the 5d and 16-35, 24-70 and 180 macro And he just bought an Ikelite housing. Now according to the port chart provided in the ikelite website, there are no ports for the 24-70 and the 180. Is there a way to house the 180 macro in the Ikelite housing? Cuz my friend doesn't want to buy another macro.
  14. Are you willing to sell just the strobe & arm?
  15. Oh my god. The Egyptian ministry of interior had just announced 10 casualties and 70 serious injuries. they say that a swiss 29 y old man and a 30 y old russian are among the casualties in addition to an unidentefied couple and 6 Egyptians. May they rest in peace.
  16. OK. It's official. I have about 2 weeks in August and I cannot make up my mind. My buddy & I are thinking about something like Maldives, PNG, Mabul/Sipadan or Australia. What are the areas the suit us the most? Given that we don't want a to do muck dives, strong currents or liveaboards. We are looking for soft corals & easy access from & to the airport. Please help us out here. Where should we go?
  17. Hi, I have a brand new C-7070 for sale. It never saw the light ever since I bought it as a (just in case) camera. Asking price: $US 690 + shipping from Saudi Arabia. So drop me a PM if youre interested. Salam. Saad A
  18. I see. Well, thank you Todd & Joe. I guess it's payback time.
  19. You don't say. Are you sure about that? Because I'm not familiar with cold water areas. Salam Saad A
  20. Hi gang. A friend of mine showed me a photo he took in Jeddah/Saudi Arabia (Red Sea). It looks to me like a wolf fish, but as far as I know wolf fishes only live in cold waters. I scanned fishbase for anything like it but I failed to find a name. Could you please help me out here? Salam Saad A
  21. ce4jesus Well I guess that aint a bad idea after all. Thanks man. scubadru I had a look at the bags and they look pretty good. However it looks like they are not available in Saudi. Thak you Dru.
  22. Ice box? dont you think its a bit too rough on your gear, kelpfish? It has no deviders and no coating on the inside walls. I guess you have to be very careful when you handle it. So far I really like the lowerpro Pro roller mini. It has the exact space thet I will need And I'm not gonna need a backpack since I'm a static sloth who tries to avoid walking as much as possible . thank you yahsemtough, Kelpfish and dmoss
  23. Hi yall... I have just bought a new Ikelite housing for my C-7070. Now my equipment consists of 2x Oly C-7070, Ikelite housing with a dual handle tray, Ikelite DS-50 strobe and some other small stuff. Now I need a bag that fits them all and saves some space for a future DS-125 and a WA lens. Is there anything that you guys recommend? Cheers Saad A.
  24. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/middle_east/4678368.stm More details from a saudi newspaper: http://www.arabnews.com/?page=1&section=0&...&d=4&m=2&y=2006 May they rest in peace.
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