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  1. Why not an older Sony NEX-3 if it's budget, the NEX-5 was a stepping stone, and I'm drooling hard at the NEX 7 for my next step up from as a Prosumer mid-sized body without going full on DSLR. google the NEX series from Sony, they're pretty awesome for a compact body with full sized features, heck the NEX 7 has a 24.3 meg pixel full sized sensor in a mid sized body I believe.
  2. Hey Joe......... I've got an INON 105 wide angle lens but it's the AD bayonet mount.......... I believe you can get a male 67 thread to Female AD receiver adapter if you wanted to go that route. New it's $329 USD, I'd sell for $150 plus shipping can post pics if interested, but same as this ad: http://reefphoto.com/shop/index.php?main_p...products_id=541 Diver Dave
  3. PM sent. hope you can rush 1-2 day ship as I'm headed to Hawaii this weekend! Thanks, Dave
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