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  1. Alright that makes sense. What other cameras would you reccomend for what I am doing? My budget is not huge, id say somewhere between $100-200? Thanks for the reply.
  2. My family has been asking me what its like to scuba dive for some time now, and some one suggested I buy a GoPro camera. I really liked that idea. I was planning on buying one of the HD GoPro's, and was going to use it on some ship wreck dives this summer. I was wondering if I could get watchable video without any lighting. I think some of the dives are in the great lakes, which is not always the clearest water. I just need some advice from anyone who has any experience with GoPros, or diving in the Great Lakes. Any reply would be appreciated, thanks. Evan.
  3. Hey whats up guys, my names Evan and I just joined the forums. Look forward to talking to all of you.
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