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  1. This video is an hour long conversation on everything Underwater Photography. Lot's of topics covered:-)
  2. For anyone interested in freediving photography, here's a trip video from Bimini. We had perfect condations and I highly recomend Neil Watsons Scuba Center.
  3. I've been using the platform for a few years now and I find it to be very helpful with regards to booking photography gigs.
  4. Looking for 2 cyan heads for the modular Luna 8's
  5. I have one, you would need to pay for shipping...
  6. I'm selling my Panasonic GH5 rig with the wide and macro set up. I've recently finished the project for which I purchased the rig, everything is in tip top shape. Here's what I have: Panasonic GH5Aquatica GH5 HousingPanasonic 7-14mm LensPanasonic 7-14mm zoom gearOlympus 60mm macro lensOlympus 60mm zoom gearAquatica Macro PortAquatica Wide PortIkelite Strobe bulkhead $6500 total cost, selling for $4500 email:caymanjason@gmail.com for more info
  7. When I purchased my new Canon 5D Mark4, I was super excited that it was only 1mm smaller than the Mark3. Could it be possible that for once in my life I don't need to buy a new housing? The answer is YES!!!! I was excited that with a few minor modifications I was able to make it work in my Ikelite Mark3 housing. Here's the thing, I also have a Sea and Sea Mark3 housing and it didn't fit.....and it's the one that I really want to use...sorry Ikelite. After some research I found a Chinese photographer that made a conversion kit. Long story short, it works beautifully, and it only cost 130 bucks!! I put together this video to explain the process, I hope it helps some of you save some cash if your looking to upgrade. This kit works specifically with the first generation Sea&Sea Mark3 housing. https://youtu.be/YAt27cUhbTk Happy Diving!
  8. Here was a fun shoot we did a little while back with celebrity chef, Jose Andreas hunting lionfish in the Cayman Islands. Lot's of fun! http://www.idivecayman.com/chef-jos-andrs
  9. Here's the new link to the Mark2 and Mark3 scuba diving videos. I also use both rigs for stills. www.idivecayman.com
  10. Hi Triggerfish The Mark2 and the Mark III have many differences that stop you from swaping housings.. For example, the On/Off switch is in a different place....there are to many to list. Here's my collection from both my MarlI and MarkIII Hope you enjoy! http://idiveglobal.com/locations/
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