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  1. So I've done some looking around, maybe not enough but im interested in making a snoot. I know that the size and materials will very for strobe, but there must be someone out there that has made one and can just get me started with some ideas. Thanks a lot www.shaundoylephoto.com http://www.facebook.com/ShaunDoylePhotography
  2. I'm looking for a ys-120. Please pm me if you have one for sale.
  3. I need to get some underwater photo equipment and I want high quality but on a budget. Im scared to pay a few hundred bucks for some underwater equipment and it not work or fail right off the batt. I started to look around and the prices are really starting to push me towards getting some used strobes or a whole ridge. Any suggestions, should i steer clear and buy new or me I in the right direction
  4. Im intrested in the YS-90. email me at Shaun@shaundoylephoto.com
  5. O also I really like how portable the Olympus would be so thats weight on me to seeing as I travel a lot?
  6. So I didnt know if this was a post for DSLR or Consumer cameras so I just picked this one let me know if I should take the question else where. To Start I know that the D800 is obviously going to be a better camera. I have a budget since im a broke dive master soon to be instructor. Im a nature photographer on land and know a lot about camera and shooting. Now I dont know a lot about underwater photography so this is why I need help picking a camera that will be right for my situation. I have a d800 with a nikkor 16mm fisheye and a nikkor 16-35mm f/4G ED VR AF-S. I want to be able to shoot wide angel and Macro so im guessing i will need to get another lens or do both of those work? I have been looking at an Ikilite with 2 sea&sea ys-01's (thats all I will be able to affordable). I have also been able to find a used Olympus E-PL1 and a housing for very cheep with the same strobes (2 sea&sea ys-01's) but if i was to do this i would want/ have to get the 8mm Panasonic fisheye to do wide shoots I also want to do macro with the PEN. After all is said and done the D800 in the Ikilite is only a few $100 more. My main concerns with either choices are I dont want to risk my new D800 The D800 is not a good start for me as an underwater photographer Does the PEN with the kit lens do good macro? I will eventually upgrade to a DSLR any ways so just get one now I should save the money, because the olympus pen will get the job done Im over doing it all together and should have 1 strobe no wide angel I will be spending 4 months diving and teaching diving in Utila so I will have lots of time to play. Thanks Shaun Doyle fyi sorry for any really bad spelling
  7. How do you like the epm1 that one im looking at right now? Do you have strobes, are you just using the kit lens or did you get the wide angle with the dome port?
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