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  1. Selling my video equipment: - Sony FS700ER (4K ready) (Batteries, charger, etc) - Sony 10-18 mm - Sony 90mm macro - Sony 18-200 mm - Amphibico Genesis 700 Housing - 8' dome port - Macro port - Atomos Shogun 4K Monitor/recorder - Nauticam NA Shogun Just need change HDMI plugins to SD SDI. And hardware for Nauticam Monitor fixed in the Genesis. (easy) 12000 € plus shipping. No separate sold. Photos soon.
  2. Last January, bad visibility but still great place. Enjoy.
  3. Hi David, thanks a lot, i will contact you by email. I use Sony FS700.
  4. Yes , Tamas is allright that's Ninja 2, I'm looking for one Shogun.
  5. Seeking a Nauticam NA-SHOGUN Underwater Housing for Atomos Shogun in good working order. Must be shipped to Spain.
  6. Hope you enjoy it... It was recorded in Indonesia, Malaysia, Red Sea Egypt, Belize, Portugal and Palau.
  7. Thanks a lot Dustin, really it's a nice dive place!!!
  8. Short video of my trip to Bali on summer 2014... Sony FS700, Amphibico Genesis 700, iTorch Pro6. Hope you enjoy it. Have some problems with the filters, don't know which one to use (sometimes I use Magic F, sometimes i use Ikelite, sometimes no one). Even i'd like to change my lens to Canon, but don't know which adapter will work best.
  9. Love it, very very well done Dustin, congratulations.
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