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  1. dropping price of system to $5,500K + shipping if sold before December 20th (I need that xmas cash!). also there an example up on our youtube page, (bmpcc4k for uw shots only) )
  2. Hi guys - please shoot me an email or PM for inquiries. Re: how it performs, I think its a great set up with a built in monitor and long lasting battery solution. White balance is never an issue because you should always shoot BRAW (other doesn't make sense to use this camera). Recent sample footage can be seen here:
  3. None of the videos that are currently posted are with the pocket (used primarily for paid shoots). stay tuned, there a few projects in the pipeline
  4. sorry for the crap image quality, not sure why wetpixel has a 1mb max per post
  5. Hello, I am selling one of my Nauticam housing, camera and lens combo for the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K. The system and all components are in mint condition with collectively fewer than 40 dives. The total 'as new price' is ~$8,250 (see links below) and I am selling the entire set for $6,000 + shipping. The system would be shipped with all included packaging/boxes/manuals that were included with the original purchase from Backscatter. Strong preference for US buyers (I am based out of NYC). The components included in the system are listed below with prices/links and photos are in the following post: NA-BMPCCII Nauticam Housing ($4,500 new): https://www.backscatter.com/Nauticam-Blackmagic-Pocket-Cinema-Camera-4K-Underwater-Housing-NA-BMPCCII Blackmagic Pocket 4K ($1,300 new): https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1401512-REG/blackmagic_design_pocket_cinema_camera_4k.html Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 8mm f/1.8 Fisheye PRO Lens ($1000 new): https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1147634-REG/olympus_v312030bu000_m_zuiko_digital_ed_8mm.html Nauticam O8-F Focus Gear ($210 new): https://www.backscatter.com/Nauticam-O8-F-Focus-GearFor-Olympus-M-Zuiko-Digita N85 Mini Extension Ring 17 ($210 new): https://www.backscatter.com/Nauticam-N85-Mini-Extension-Ring-17 Nauticam N85 140mm Optical Glass Fisheye Dome Port ($1,040 new): https://www.backscatter.com/Nauticam-140mm-Underwater-Glass-Dome-Port-N85 You can see some of the work I have done here (youtube.com/divehard) and feel free to email me directly if you are interested (divehardcreative@gmail). I do respond to private messages but often miss them! Cheers, Kabir
  6. Selling my two Keldan 8M CRI Lights which are top of the line video lights that provide the best flexibility, power and light quality (both in terms of CRI and light diffusion) that I have come across. The set includes two Keldan Video 8M CRI lights (includes the standard 8'000 lumens/5'600 kelvin high CRI light modules) as well as two 30K Kelvin modules that are used to match ambient color at depth in blue water (work best at 40 - 80ft). The asking price for the set is $2000 + shipping. These two lights have been used sparingly and the batteries burn for ~40 min at max output (roughly 40 - 50 charge cycles each). Please send any inquiries directly to divehardcreative@gmail.com Cheers Kabir
  7. Hi all - sorry that this is a bit late, but this entire set up has been sold. Stay tuned as I will likely shed some more gear in the next few weeks. Thank you for all of the interest! Cheers Kabir
  8. Photos Below: more photos... last photo...
  9. Hello - we have been using multiple GH5s for our channel for some time (youtube.com/divehard) and are looking to sell one of our backup systems to raise some cash (to reinvest in new gear, of course). We are looking to sell our spare housing and spare GH5S, preferably together, but can sell individually as well (see below for sale options): Option 1: The Full Set ($2000) This set up includes the Nautical GH5 housing and a Panasonic GH5S - both of which have seen fewer than 40 dives and have been kept in perfect condition. Both come with all packaging / accessories that were shipped when new and I am also including a the Tripod Mounting set up for the NA-GH5. Buyer pays shipping. The cost of this set up new (current backscatter / B&H pricing) is ~$3,800. A photo of the full set up is attached. Option 2: GH5S Only ($1200). This includes just the Panasonic camera and components (photos below) and none of the Nauticam components. Option 3: NA-GH5 Only ($1000). This includes just the Nauticam housing / components and none of the Panasonic components. Photos of the individual camera / housing and package contents are below (due to file size limitations). Please send me a direct message or email me directly at divehardcreative@gmail.com if you are interested. Many thanks! Kabir
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