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  1. Hi guys and gals - I am selling these two components as a package for $750 + shipping. Both are in mint condition and have been treated with care (photos attached) and product info below: Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 8mm f/1.8 Fisheye PRO Lens ($1000 new): https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1147634-REG/olympus_v312030bu000_m_zuiko_digital_ed_8mm.html Nauticam O8-F Focus Gear ($215 new): https://www.backscatter.com/Nauticam-O8-F-Focus-GearFor-Olympus-M-Zuiko-Digita Cheers, Kabir
  2. Hi guys - we just wrapped up a nice trip Velifushi and Ellaidhoo and were totally blown away by thehouse reef at Ellaidhoo. Awesome dive center, amazing corals. I put together a cinematic sequences for you to check out. Hope you enjoy and appreciate any feedback! (longer trip report / vlog on our channel if you are interested) cheers!
  3. Hello - this package has been sold. Thanks and safe diving, Kabir
  4. Hi guys - I am selling this housing and camera. Unfortunately due to the pandemic, we never actually got to dive this house so it is truly never been used and is in perfect condition. Both the housing and camera will come with original instructions / packaging and includes the EF to RF adapter that came bundled with the camera. Photos can be seen here: https://imgur.com/a/cOLjhsR The total package including the camera and the housing is $3750 which includes UPS Ground shipping + insurance (vs. >$5000 + taxes as new). Transactions through Paypal and US buyers only (or buyer pays shipping). Thank you all and stay safe. Kabir
  5. FYI - the camera and housing have been sold. Thank you for all the interest Kabir
  6. Hi guys - looking to sell my Canon C200 Nauticam housing (not the camera) for $4,850. The housing is in mint condition (only been on 15 dives) and comes with a black Nauticam pelican case, trim weights and all documentation (not in the photos below as they are at my storage unit). The housing costs $9,700 new from Backscatter / Reef / Nauticam (https://www.nauticam.com/products/na-c200-housing-for-the-canon-c200-cinema-camera) so this is ~50% of the as new price. I am based out of Manhattan and prefer a US buyer (Paypal transaction only). Please PM me for info, serious inquiries only. Kabir
  7. This is still available, and the price for the entire set has been reduced to $5000 + shipping and PayPal fees. Also selling just the camera housing for $2500 OBO Thanks, Kabir
  8. Hi guys - I am selling a Nauticam NA-502 housing w/ SDI and asking $500 + shipping or the best offer (note that this does NOT include the monitor). This is a link to the product on Nauticam's website ($1,730 new on Backscatter): https://www.nauticam.com/blogs/news/na-502-for-smallhd-501-and-502-monitors Comes as shown in the picture, buyer pays shipping. You can easily swap the cable out for an HDMI one if that's what your camera uses. Thank you and stay safe out there! Kabir
  9. dropping price of system to $5,500K + shipping if sold before December 20th (I need that xmas cash!). also there an example up on our youtube page, (bmpcc4k for uw shots only) )
  10. Hi guys - please shoot me an email or PM for inquiries. Re: how it performs, I think its a great set up with a built in monitor and long lasting battery solution. White balance is never an issue because you should always shoot BRAW (other doesn't make sense to use this camera). Recent sample footage can be seen here:
  11. None of the videos that are currently posted are with the pocket (used primarily for paid shoots). stay tuned, there a few projects in the pipeline
  12. sorry for the crap image quality, not sure why wetpixel has a 1mb max per post
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