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  1. Davide & the trickster - Thanks! dd
  2. Eric - When are you in Iceland? I am there 5/24-07/01. If we could work it out, would you be interested in being dive buddies? dd
  3. Using this tool won't add any speed or other performance boosts to the cards. It is intended to do a complete low-level format which may fix odd instabilities in a given card or recover a card that is no longer readable. For these applications, it is great to have in the toolbox.
  4. OK ... so it looks like the Nauticam Housing works now with a hack and Nauticam is planning on an upgrade pack to replace the dial connection in the future. Any word on the Ikelite housing? I tend to lean towards Nauticam but thought I'd ask for completeness.
  5. Davide - What is the third party utility? Could you provide a URL?
  6. Thanks for the link Davide. I did a search for "GH4" before I posted and got no results. Weird.
  7. Yep. We experienced some weird problems with our SD cards when shooting with the BMPC. Using this program solved the problem. Rich felt so strongly about the fix, he posted about it on PhotoFocus.
  8. Word has it that the GH4 will fit in the GH3 housing with little or no modification. Has anyone been able to test that theory yet? Thanks, Doug
  9. DiverDoug1 & Peterbkk - Thanks for the insight. It is very much appreciated. The housing is a loaner, so the potential for discoloration is a great note.
  10. We are shooting a feature film in Iceland in June and have a couple of scenes in hot springs. Has anyone shot in those conditions? I am concerned about the effect of the heat on the housing and camera. At a minimum, I expect to deal with some fogging. My biggest concerns are the heat compromising the housing seals and the camera producing record artifacts as the sensor heats up inside. Thanks, Doug
  11. I'll be in Iceland in June for 6 weeks and plan to log some down time in both the glacial lakes and the ocean. Does anyone have a favorite dive shop and must-see dive locations? Thanks, Doug
  12. The adapters are definitely available. At NAB, they had an enormous Fujinon Cinema Prime mounted on the BMPC camera. The lens was literally 30 times the size/weight of the camera. The downside to most of these adapters is that they often do not have connections to allow use of some lens functions like AF or IS. So, the lens becomes a fully manual lens. I am new to DSLR housings, but I suspect that manual focus underwater is more difficult and time/air consuming than AF.
  13. I am hacking a GoPro mount using loc-line. When I have it done, I'll post photos.
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