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  1. Same by me. But without AF ist,s useless, because i warnt to use the manual gear for zooming, not for Focus.
  2. Now i have ordered a Kenko HD 1.4x DGX, recommended by backscatter. I.m going to reporting on monday.
  3. Need help please. I want to use on a Nikon Z7 the fisheye 8-15 with 1.4 Converter. Due to the formfactor of the lense, the only Converters are from Kenko. Now i have tried the new Teleplus HD Pro 1.4 DGX and the older Teleplus Pro300 DGX. As well aperture as focus do Not work. What is wrong? thank you from Berlin/Germany Joerg
  4. Wolfram, what domeport you use with HD PRO DGX + 8-15 mm fisheye?
  5. Put it into a freezer for one hour and try it again. Jörg Gesendet von meinem iPad mit Tapatalk
  6. This is my picture of the year, shot in Komodo - horseshoe bay - yellow wall. I term it "Dead cow" Greetings from Berlin, Germany. Jörg
  7. I met this male ribbon moray at the begin and end of every dive at a housreef northern of Tulamben this oktober and made so about 50 shots. Hope it,s not blind now.
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