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  1. OK, that sounds good. Hope I can test it in 3 weeks in Sudan. It's a clear benefit to read the fuc... manual :-) Thank you.
  2. Slave Mode means to trigger the Flash remotely, without wire. So you can use it as second backlight or sitelight on a tripod or as illumination in Wrack triggered from the flash on housing. The Retra works very well, really cool. Thats why i dont understand, that there Is no slave mode. This is no question of costs.
  3. Sitting at the kitchen table with my dive and photo buddy Christoph, and i,m presenting the Retra Pro very proud, he ask me: cool, HSS not bad, but where is the slave sensor, how do work the slave mode? Hmmm, This flashgun has really no slave mode? Every mini flash has a slave Mode. This feature is so usual , that i don,t read it in the spec before i ordered them. How can i use the Retra Pro in Slave Mode? Regards from Berlin/Germany Joerg
  4. .... Hallelujah, it works. Today it arrives me from England and, like Tim wrote above, it works with Teleplus Pro 300 DG. Sometimes the electronic hesitates, but so what. Thanks a lot, you made my day Joerg Here is the last answer from Kenko Service, but I think, that they do not understand the Problem right.
  5. Answer from Kenko: Answer from Me and we stay tuned
  6. Thank you for the frequent responses. I have contacted Kenko to ask for a solution. Today i ordered the older Teleplus 300 DG in eBay with hope that this part do work. Regards from Berlin/Germany Joerg
  7. Same by me. But without AF ist,s useless, because i warnt to use the manual gear for zooming, not for Focus.
  8. Now i have ordered a Kenko HD 1.4x DGX, recommended by backscatter. I.m going to reporting on monday.
  9. Need help please. I want to use on a Nikon Z7 the fisheye 8-15 with 1.4 Converter. Due to the formfactor of the lense, the only Converters are from Kenko. Now i have tried the new Teleplus HD Pro 1.4 DGX and the older Teleplus Pro300 DGX. As well aperture as focus do Not work. What is wrong? thank you from Berlin/Germany Joerg
  10. Wolfram, what domeport you use with HD PRO DGX + 8-15 mm fisheye?
  11. Put it into a freezer for one hour and try it again. Jörg Gesendet von meinem iPad mit Tapatalk
  12. This is my picture of the year, shot in Komodo - horseshoe bay - yellow wall. I term it "Dead cow" Greetings from Berlin, Germany. Jörg
  13. I met this male ribbon moray at the begin and end of every dive at a housreef northern of Tulamben this oktober and made so about 50 shots. Hope it,s not blind now.
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