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  1. I am selling the following as a package: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/271015932020 The ref of the Camcorder is HDR-HC3E, it is a high definition Camera: 1080i recording in HDV format. It has a Carl Zeiss optic, night shot… See all the characteristics on: http://www.sony.co.u...dd-hdv/hdr-hc3e More pictures on http://antoine.thiba...e.fr/Camcorder/ The transfer of the HD movies into a computer is easy with free software like HDV Split (Windows). For Mac user there is other alternatives like iMovie, Adobe Onlocation etc… It would require a FireWire Cable. The Camcorder is sold as part of a package including the following items -SONY Wide conversion lens x0.6 (VCL-0630X) -2 batteries in good condition: NP-FP71 12.2Wh and NP-FP60 7.2Wh (initially provided with the Camcorder) -Sony UNDERWATER HOUSING SPK-HCB: (Up to 5 meters): Great of Kayaking, Sailing, Snorleling etc… Still in use in the current Volvo ocean race by the onboard media crew. -Different support provided to fit different types of Camcorders into the housing -Different anti-sun rings -Original Camcorder box available -Lowepro bag in very good condition with a rain cover and a piece of fabric to clean the optical parts of the camera -1Go Sony Memory Card -Sony Card Convertor -1 USD Cable to transfer the pictures -Power Cable and 2 video cables, which initially came with the Camcorder Examples of what the Camcorder can do: Download the 80Mo file BO_QSM_HD to have the version in higher definition on http://tepera12.free.fr/QSM/ The Camcorder is also able to take 4MP pictures http://antoine.thiba...e.fr/Camcorder/
  2. I am selling the following as a package ( http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/271015923781 ) -One fully working Canon Powershot S50 Silver with the original box http://www.canon.co..../PowerShot_S50/ -2 batteries: in case you need to replace it on the boat before diving -Battery charger -1 Go Compact flash card -The original 32Mo Compact flash Card -Underwater Housing WP-DC300 in excellent condition http://www.bhphotovi...er_Housing.html -M67 Mount Base DC300 (in excellent condition) to fiit the fish eye lens on the underwater housing http://www.inon.jp/p...compatible.html -UFL-165AD Underwater Fisheye Conversion Lens in excellent condition http://www.inon.jp/p...l165ad/top.html Which is actually the most valuable item in the package: this item is sold at £409 by Camera underwater. This is also what MAKES the underwater pictures outstanding compare to a simple underwater housing without lens. http://www.camerasun...er.co.uk/inonad -A non-working Canon PowerShot S50 black that I kept in case I needed spare parts one day. (I could get you the original box if necessary) EXAMPLES OF WHAT THE CAMERA CAN DO AS WELL AS MORE PICTURES FROM THE PACKAGE http://antoine.thiba...free.fr/Camera/
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