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  1. More sample pictures taken with this kit: https://lightroom.adobe.com/shares/dac829bfe7d441f4abc9956ca50c7dd7/albums/f085df24bce67bf1a0c8e62392b9f0db/assets/ed8da16485ba2af2968283fec3f2987a/slideshow
  2. Thanks Troporobo. They're all done with a Nikon D500 with the 105mm macro. For #2 and #3 I also used the Nauticam Super Macro Converter.
  3. Kit includes digital camera, underwater housing, lenses for macro and for wide angle, strobe, tripod, protector travel case, snoot and all the necessary assembly accessories: All that you need to take pro-looking underwater photos! Just add 4 AA batteries and an ocean, and you're good to dive! The 4 AA batteries are for the strobe (rechargeable 2500mAh recommended). No need to worry about assembling all the adapters and holders - some of them are shipped assembled. For the others I am including step by step instructions to get from travel form to shooting form. This kit is one of the most popular for underwater photography! The camera has a large 1" sensor which enables much better photos than typical compact cameras. Great low light performance + focus peeking = amazing underwater camera. The housing is functional, reliable and easy to use. The whole package is lightweight and the Pelican case protects everything for travel. I cut the Pelican foam to fit safely these items. You receive them in the case, ready to travel. The underwater pictures attached to this listing have been taken by me with these exact items (and I am no pro). I also included an above-water picture. You are buying these items: More pictures: In addition, you are getting spare O-rings for the housing and the strobe, original O-ring grease for each, original tools and manuals. I paid more than $5,800 for these items and I put some time into researching and assembling an excellent kit. I am selling it since I won't be able to dive for a while and it shouldn't just gather dust. I am asking $3,800 for the kit. Shipping anywhere for $70.
  4. Some macro shots of this guy
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