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  1. I know decorators can be tough. This one was taken in about 20 ft of water in the Philippines, in a grassy seabed area.
  2. Drew, good point on location. I'm going primarily for macro/critter hunting. Arthur's has a great dive site map pdf. http://arthurs-place.com/images/diving/DiversMap.pdf Do you have a sense as to what the most popular or "best" sites are? Club O is more on the northern side of Mabini whereas Arthur's, Dive Solana, and Crystal Blue are on the tip of the peninsula. Does anyone know if the waves on one side of Mabini is rougher than the others? Have heard that when things get bad, it can be difficult to get onto the small dive boats they have and that car/shore dives are the best alternatives.
  3. Thanks for all the great feedback and advice. I decided on Club O, given all that I've read on them. Was also considering Dive Solana as it seems like a nicer resort. I'm a bit nervous about going during monsoon season in Sept and I hear the resorts are all a bit empty. In fact, I called a few and they were all empty of divers and so I would have to hire a private boat/DM which is relatively expensive. Thanks again all!
  4. Has anyone stayed at either Club Ocellaris or Aqua Ventures in Anilao? Thinking of going in about a month, so will still be the wet season there. Any color regarding the quality of diving, accomodation, and food would be appreciated. Do their locations limit their diving in anyway relative to other resorts in the area given geography or weather? Trying to decide between these two but if you have any other thoughts on other resorts, would appreciate that as well. Thanks!
  5. Hi, Really liked your pics in Flickr, some of those shots are amazing. I've been to a few places in Indonesia but have not been to Bangka Island. How would you compare the macro diving there to Talumben or Lembeh? What is your favorite place to dive in Indonesia for a chance to get those rare shots (e.g., blue ring, striated frogfish, etc)? Thanks! Ken
  6. I think the biggest decision is whether you want to go point and shoot with one strobe or DSLR with two. I started with the former and then wound up upgrading to the latter. If I had to do it all over again, I obviously would've just started with the DSLR, which can cost 3-4x what the P&S beginner set up costs. Though you could probably get that down quite a bit if you bought on Wetpixel used. The primary factors for me in making that decision is how often I plan on diving in the next say 3-4 years and what you plan on using the pictures for. If you want to take good photos of your dives and the creatures you see on them for your friends and as a keepsake, then something like the Canon G12 or S100 in and Ikelite housing with a Sea & Sea YS-01 will be great. You can really take some great photos with those cameras. If you want to get some of the "Photo of the Week" winners or want to frame your pictures etc, then probably a DSLR is the way to go. Lenses, ports, extension rings, etc can get out of hand quickly on a DSLR set up but again, you can buy those over time and piece meal.
  7. I shoot with a D7000 and my go to macro lenses are the nikkor 60mm and 105mm. Have not tried the Tokina 100mm but I can talk to you regarding that focal length. If you are shooting with an 18-55mm you will need a diopter to do macro subjects as the magnification is 1:3 with the lens by itself, which is not ideal for macro shooting. 60mm is for baseball size to volleyball size subjects, although you can do smaller if you get in real close. 100/105 is for baseball size and under. I would definitely use a flat port for macro lenses. You may get focus and distortion issues if you try using a dome port. Just because the lens fits in the housing does not mean you will get good results. Also, domes scratch easily and my guess is that you are far more likely to bump up against something with a dome shooting macro than with a dome shooting WA. Not to mention, you can't attach any form of wet diopter to a dome port (that I know of). I'm not sure how I feel about the 85mm lens. It seems to be neither here nor there but in the middle. If you use a diopter with your 18-55mm, then I would probably go with the 100mm lens for more magnification as 85 is just a bit too close to 55m+diopter for me.
  8. These seem to be selling for $950/each new. Are the accessories what make the difference to $1200 each?
  9. Found this small fish in Indonesia, around 30ft or so deep. It was a little over an inch long. Can't seem to find it any of my books. Any ideas?
  10. Saw this in about 30ft/10m of water on a sandy reef in Puerto Galera, Phillipines. It was about 4 inches across. I have no idea where it got that grey decorator coat as there was nothing in the area that had that color or texture.
  11. THANK YOU everyone for all of your input! Looks like I'm gonna go with Mimic! I wish I had enough air to wait for it to come out of its burrow... sigh.
  12. I am only selling the strobe, not the fiber optic cable.
  13. Saw this during the day in Puerto Galera, Philippines diving in sandy muck around 17m (or 50ft). To put it in perspective, about 2-3 inches of the octopus is exposed here. Unfortunately, this is the best shot I got as it would not come out of its hole while I was waiting there. Thanks in advance!
  14. I'm selling 2 Sea & Sea YS-110a strobes for $475 each or $900 together. I bought them in February 2012 from B&H Photo for $1300. Used them on a couple of dive trips and they work perfectly. Have never had any issues with them of any kind.
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