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  1. nope, i am not going to waste my time on you and discussing this zero or minimal pollution. i have got good info from the folks here
  2. this is totally OT but I gotta agree with JB on this, the only way we are gonna leave no footprints is to NOT go there...no sunscreen even? oil from the boats that we use ? it s all over the dive site bro... ok coming back to your point about leaving the stains on your casing, hey I say..go for it !
  3. pascal, thks i will give it a try. well in a manner of speaking if we shoot from the casing...it is a kind of weapon ? oh boy, am i reaching
  4. I appreciate the replies folks, will try the oil treatment, was going to use the car wax but I guess I don't need water to roll off the casing right? just the dome? hahahaaa
  5. thks for the vid..shame about the garbage though, potentially fatal to the Mantas? I dived in Ambon once and in comparison, this is pristine waters!! I see the village folks automatically sweep the roads and dump their garbage into the sea.
  6. hi folks I notice that there are stain marks on the external surface of my NA-EM5. this is despite my rigorous effort in blowing off the water beads after rinsing. then wiping with a cloth. how do I keep the metal surface clean of stains? thks
  7. glee719, thks so much for yr share on the close-up DIY, i'm gonna start with a seafood meal and then follow yr advice. cheers
  8. thks folks for the valuable info, i have sent my holder in for a replacement. luckily i did not dive with it or else it would have been another issue altogether. i just could not believe that it could not take a Subsee nor an Inon.
  9. hmm is it true there are 2 Nauticam manufacturers? one in Hong Kong and in the US? mine is genuine but it will not take a Subsee nor Inon...
  10. folks i have found that my Nauticam holder will not accomodate a Subsee nor Inon wet lens. it will not screw all the way to the stop. anybody else has this problem? thks for your help
  11. you can add Air Asia in general, there is a weighing scale at the departure gate before the X-ray machines. what i have been told by their employees is that you can have a carry-on (1 piece not exceeding 7 kg) and duty-free purchases or yr laptop. maximum! they do not mind if collectively you have 2 bags (total not exceeding 14 kg) and one laptop plus one duty-free between 2 pax. but i cannot find it on their website. this was told to me by their staff at KL--their headquarters.
  12. i have dived in R4, Komodo, Ambon and yes....Lembeh! as u said in yr thread, macro life? between Ambon and Lembeh ? i would pick Lembeh as it involves less travelling (from Singapore). i dive Lembeh on average 4 times a year and it has never, ever disappointed me. last i was there it was frogfish galore! Ambon has its Wow factor but there are only 2 DC's there. and one of them did not impress me much ( shania twain style) if you need to shoot corals as well then i would recomm that you dive with a DC in Manado where Bunaken and Lembeh is accessible then you would have covered all 3--manado, bunaken and lembeh? all said, if you travel here, everywhere is great diving...
  13. i had the opportunity to examine both Olym and Nauticam casings, yes Nauticam is more expensive. but look at the construction and the locking feature? the ergonomics? the ease of removing ports? i have the 12-50mm, the Pany 45mm and the Olym 60mm. in my opinion the 12-50mm makes for an all round dive lens. and the attachment for using every feature of this lens in the casing has to be seen to be believed. it was like ironman wearing his suit for battle!! honestly i plonked down my hard-earned money (as i am sure yours) and got myself a Nauticam. i have great difficulty removing the ports from my PT-EP01. maybe i am weak, i dont know.. and Nauticam made sure you can use your LCD display by making it tilt!!! kewl.. i know my money is well spent
  14. folks i have sold off my Olym E-PL1 and the PT-EP01 casing, now i have 1 Panasonic 45mm macro lens with the port and a wide-angle port to sell. http://www.dpreview.com/lensreviews/...nic_45_2p8_o20 US$572/- http://www.zenunderwater.com/products.php?prodID=8 US$300/- http://www.zenunderwater.com/products.php?prodID=5 US$360 if you take everything, i will throw in an underwater leak detector that is specific to this casing, new,uninstalled...i know we are all careful but it will give you peace of mind. Underwater Camera Housing Leak Detector - Underwater Camera Housing Leak Detector - Home Page price negotiable. shipping and handling to be finalised. email --decimal86@gmail.com---to discuss thks for viewing.
  15. frogfish@lembeh Straits, Indonesia the 'lure' at the end of its fishing rod.. OMD with 12-50mm in a Nauticam housing Inon Z240 strobes.
  16. changed from an E-PL1 in an Olym housing to the above, its a blast y'all. the picture shows the 12-50mm encased in Nauticam's insane adaptor for the Macro feature to work (on bottom right) and the Panasonic 45mm Macro on the camera with a Raynox 250 which worked for my E-PL1 but sadly not for my new rig.
  17. loved it. i am also a big fan of Nudis.
  18. thks bro' i really appreciate yr taking time out to help me. when my shots are half as good as yours i will post. cheers
  19. hi, u may want to consider staying in Anilao (also home to some great macro dive sites!!!) and go across to PG ? half hour boat ride? anilao is not as exciting at night as PG but saves you a lot of travelling. it is 2 hours by air-cond taxi ride from MNL airport.
  20. thks reefwalker, loved your collection in Flickr. i have almost the same rig (E-PL1 in my case with Oly casing) except for the Inon-i have 2 Z240 type4.what do i set on the camera for wide-angle ? cheers
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