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  1. Hi all, I'm looking to expand into surf photography - an amateur for fun shooter otherwise. Before I drop $1400 for a new SPL I was pondering if I should upgrade my camera body as well if I'm going to lock myself into this housing and spending that much on it. Currently have a D90, would I essentially be investing in "old" technology? I understand that just because it's old doesn't necessarily mean it is "bad" and couldn't do what I want it to, just want to spend my money most wisely. Options: 1) Keep the D90, get a new SPL [easiest] 2) Ditch the D90, get a new body and a new SPL [expensive] 3) Look for a used SPL on ebay/Craigslist, probably a Canon since they are more prevalent to save money and get a new (better) body to fit the housing (and lenses) Thanks! Chris
  2. Hey - I'm Chris, currently living in New York. Looking to get into surf photography specifically.
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