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  1. Hello everyone, Anybody know witch is the best underwater lightning equipments at this time ? I shoot with a phenom FXZ1 and looking for great lights ! Thanks
  2. Hi, Does anybody sell a component cable with 5 pins connectors female bulkhead for phenom FXZ1 housing ? Make me offert at kevintahitimail@gmail.com I really need it as soon as possible to connect my screen into my camcorder. I have a sony FX1 camcorder. Thanks for your help.
  3. Thank you bluewaterimages. I was contacted Joe from amphibico but he still said me 3pins for 4:3 HD monitor. It is correct ? I don't think so. I already have a 3 pins female bulkhead on my FXZ1 housing and I don't want from him to builld one I will cannot use. 3pins for 4:3 HD monitor he said ? I think he go wrong because 4:3 and 3pins It's not HD but SD. Here an other problem I have with my amphibico HD monitor. It switched off automatically after 3 seconds when I try to start it. It is normal ? Please help. Many thanks
  4. Hi rogers, the SD monitor is still available ?
  5. Hi everybody, anyone knows how can I install the HD monitor on the housing ? I have a FX1 inside and I just saw 3 pin connector out on the right side ? Also, I will buy a discovery II ultra pro power pack light and I'd like to know how should I connect the lights on the housing to take control with the grip arms buttons. Please help me !
  6. Hi OCDIVER911 Do you still sell yours Two Amphibico Discovery 10 ACR lights with arms, batteries, charger, extra bulb and o-rings ? Kevin
  7. Hi, Damselfish do you still have your Phenom Housing and HD Monitor ?
  8. Hi Dan, do you still have your FXZ1 housing ?
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